Monday, September 29, 2008

A day without you (poem)

I wrote this poem around 2004 when I was in MIT. I saw a friend's signature and it went something like "A day without rain, A day without sun, A day without faith, A day without you". I thought it would be good fodder for a poem and so I started writing. The final product is a poem entitled 'A day without you'.

A day without rain
Spells the boredom of dryness
The grass folds its arms
Hungers for the greenness of love
The dam goes a damn
The river has a shiver
The farm blows an alarm
That all is not well

A day without sun
Spells the dangers of darkness
The moon curses its stars
Hungers for light for reflection
The party ends sooner
The slumber ends later
A boom comes from a stark dark room
That all is not well

A day without faith
Spells the comfort of comfort
The hungry crosses his legs
Awaits the next coin on his table
The don never closes his eyes
The pupil gives up on good sight
The pastor’s wife sees in this life
That all is not well

A day without you
Spells the missing person notice
The family never moved on
So did Ama and Mahama
Eyes are shut in their comfort
Some fail to cope with hope
The stage is set for you
To make it well
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