Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 random things about me

This is for my Facebook notes really - nice excuse to blog anyway

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1. I used to cry a whole lot when I was young. I was a crybaby proper. I cried mostly because I was very remorseful and because I couldn't handle punishment well. From about 2001 to 2007, I never cried (or don't remember doing so). That one time in 2007 that I cried, I remember it vividly. I was watching Coach Carter and it was the time that the Timo Cruz character started reciting "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate" - very powerful scene. By the way, I did cry like three times in the space of a week last year. I cried on national tv when my school got eliminated in the semi-finals of Kiddie Quiz (National JSS/middle school quiz).

2. I feel a huge responsibility to be excellent, ambitious, prosperous, etc because I am the first-born child. I feel I should be sending monthly remittances home right now. It really got to me last year.

3. I think I can count the number of 'best friends' I've had in my life on more than two hands. Basically, I change best friends maybe once every two years. I am not very good with keeping friends.

4. In football, I support Ghana, Accra Hearts of Oak and Manchester United (David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane and Abedi Pele are my favorite players ever). I once had a ponytail like Abedi's when I was in like class 3,4. I have teams I love in almost every major footballing country and teams I don't like as well to this day.

5. I waver on which teams I support in the NBA almost every year. Right now, I am with the Celtics, Magic, Spurs and Blazers. Am a huge fan of basketball and soccer, they are the only things I watch on TV in the US regularly.

6. I almost did General Arts in Presec because I loved current affairs/geography, etc. I succumbed to peer pressure and did Science instead. I also went to Presec because I wanted to be independent from my parents. I however didn't go to a Cape Coast school because I didn't know my family there and wanted to be assured 'good food'. Yes, free food and its siblings entered my psyche a long time ago.

7. I don't like reading books with 'chao/plenty/bunch' pages. I've never been a fan of novels. I'll rather read a newspaper, magazine or journal. I collected both of Obama's books and still haven't finished reading them. Of course, I haven't read any of Nkrumah's books either. Sad eh?

8. I have some pretty wild fantasies and every day I keep on believing they shall actually happen. This one is probably not going to happen so I'll tell you all - I've always wanted to don the Manchester United shirt (read: play for Manchester United professionally). At first, I thought I will play for Hearts of Oak, be a spectacular player and MAN U would sign me. And then I came to the US, and thought one day, while playing pick-up soccer at MIT, a scout will get me into an MLS team, and then MAN U would discover me from there. (Loler at me)

9. I didn't care at all about Pan-Africanism (or being interested much in stuff about other African countries) until I went to MIT. Seriously, I don't remember otherwise.

10. I love traveling and visiting friends and family, making new friends and family, reuniting with old friends, finally meeting Facebook friends, etc. Last Thanksgiving, I was in four different states in a week.

11. When I left for senior secondary school, I thought computer/video games were for JSS kids and never got interested in them again up till this day. I am surprised my age-mates play them but hey, I don't fault them for loving it. I'll rather play scrabble, taboo or sudoku. I do get addicted to games like hearts, Solitaire and free cell though.

12. When I was young, my heroes were He-man, Michael Jackson and Carl Lewis.

13. I used to be a really good artist. I chose to do catering instead of art in JSS because I thought the art class students would be drawing for the school. I eventually switched back to art class but the interest in art waned and now, I can't say I am a good artist. Talent lost.

14. I had my first real kiss when I was 20. Dayum!!!

15. My father taught me how to cook when I was living with him for a year before I went to MIT. I mention it almost every time I get a chance because I absolutely love him for this.

16. I think/fantasize/strategize about random stuff for about 15-30 minutes-to whenever I fall asleep every night before I go to bed. My brain hardly takes a thinking break.

17. I absolutely love music. I listen to it at every opportunity, and even when I am studying, I probably have some music playing in the background.

18. I once kept a book of general knowledge (from about primary 6 till JSS 3) where I filled it with random information/general affairs. My friends thought I was going crazy, all I'll do is number each piece of information; I think I got to about 10,000. I knew the capitals of almost every country in the world. I implored my friends to do the same and ended up organizing 'general knowledge quizzes' amongst them all of JSS.

19. One of my biggest regrets is the number of African countries I have been to so far. Take a guess. It's just Ghana.

20. I love food! I eat everything, there's nothing I don't eat. I've even eaten bat meat before. Yummy.

21. I've never been president of anything in my life. Well, if you don't count Managing Chair of the GhanaThink Foundation and class prefect positions.

22. I didn't lose in any competition in which I represented Presec. But I never won anything in MIT either. I used to detest falling short in intramural soccer tournaments playing for the African team. Hehe, yawa. Oh wait, I did score a goal like Beckham's once. This kind of goal. Mine was a free-kick though :-)

23. I actually wish I had grown up in a village in Ghana somewhere and made it all the way to where I am now (wherever that is) or made it period. I think my life story is not remarkable enough. (No offence to my family, etc) 23b. I actually wish I was 21 right now because I am not happy with how much I've done with my 25 years.

24. I refused to do anything related to Biology (medicine, biochem, etc) after Presec because my biology teacher made me hate it. She made me (and my mates) feel Biology was so hard that we had to learn harder to get a good score. In fact, I learnt so much for my Biology SSCE that I surprised myself with an A while I had a B in Elective Maths. Now that was a shock.

25. I had forgotten this, but over the Christmas break, my father reminded me. I once called myself 'Destiny's child'. I still believe God granted me favour when MIT and Stanford accepted me into their programs. Kai, am pumped. :-D
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