Monday, February 16, 2009

African commercials/adverts - in the spirit of Valentine

I know Valentine's day has already passed but this is never late. Besides, everyday should be valentine's don't you think? It is pretty commercialized now. It's even National Chocolate Day in Ghana. I didn't get the chance to munch on some Golden Tree on Saturday but I did get some on Sunday. That right there is fulfillment for the weekend. A friend and I happened to be checking out commercials and it reminded me about some African commercials I had found and was going to share with y'all. Well, here they are. I picked up some that revolve around the Valentine Day themes. Please don't tell me I have to tell you what those themes are.

First up, we have an ad from MTN Nigeria. I fell in love with this advert when I first saw it. For all the long-distance lovers, this is for you. You need to be in Africa and have MTN though - so that even when you're apart, you're still together. In fact, the Nigerians force on this one. More props. They should have chosen some Naija song though - maybe Angel of my life, Ifeoma, or Right here (yes, brilliant)

I believe this ad is from MTN South Africa. I chose this one because it's cute. I just can't believe I actually said cute. I never say it in real life. They made a video from just under 4000 photos. Must have been a lot of work, but you'll do anything for love, won't you?

We've done West and South, let's go to the East. Mamamikes is an awesome service, where East Africans abroad (especially Kenyans) can buy services for their loved ones back home. So you can get that rose delivered or even order a couple of Tuskers for your buddies. Yes, I can't mention Kenya without mentioning Tusker. What you gonna do about it? Stare me down and demand Nyama choma? :-) Mamamikes is partnering with Suuch Solutions to bring their services to West Africa through

For a bonus ad, we'll stay in Tusker country. Because if you are going to crown off your Valentine's/Chocolate/Busy/Love day with the ultimate form of love-making, you should be protected. "If it's not on, it's not in" - as someone will say. Can I stay under your umbrella, ella, ella, ay ay ay! Did Jay-Z actually say Rain man in that song? Anyway, here we go

One love.
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