Friday, May 22, 2009

Gbaa (gaffe) of the year - Ecomini by John Evans Atta Mills

I couldn't resist this. Ghanaians, I am sorry. After praising Paul Kagame as an entrepreneur president and salivating over Jacob Zuma's dancing skills, this is what I have to say about Asomdwoe hene Professor John Evans Atta Mills.

John Atta Mills became the third consecutive Ghanaian presido called John on January 7, 2009 after edging Nana Akufo Addo in the slimmest of margins. Since then, there hasn't been much he has done to forecast what his presidency will do for Ghana in the next four years. If I have missed this, please let me know. But when many Ghanaians talk about him today, it's about his 'slip of the tongue' sayings when he delivered his first sessional address to parliament. I don't have the full speech yet but you can listen at

Some soundbites from the speech - "Our ecomony, our ecomini is resilient." "Madam Speaker, when you are proda, pronouncing". (Did you hear Madam Speaker say Order)
"madam Speaker, when you are pronouncing such figures in billions, and I want to remind you, but I didn't even know how to translate them to 'orpepepepeepeee'." Huh?

As if having the speech on Youtube and Facebook wasn't enough, some smart dude has produced an 'ecomini' ringtone. It's hilarious. Parts of the speech is remixed with Asem's Gimme blow. This 'ecomini' ringtone is taking the mantle held by King Ayisoba's I want to see you my father and Becca's You lied to me.

ecomini remix with Asem

Some lyrics: "But let me hasten to add, that you should not give cause for despair". Hem hem hem hem! "When you are pronouncing Ecomini". Hem hem hem hem. "But I didn't even know how to translate them to 'orpepepepeepeee'."

My good friend, Ato Kwamena Dadzie blogged about this ringtone. He has even put the ringtone up on his website for download. I hear 'orpepepeepeee' is the new word for cash? As if kawukudi, luuchi and dough were not enough.

In related news, some lecturer in Ghana has called the 'ecomini' ringtone an affront to the presidency. Why so serious me people?
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