Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jacob Zuma - the dancing president

A lot of people are wary about South Africa under a Jacob Zuma presidency. If you have followed Zuma's life, you know he's been in the news for many wrong reasons. I haven't seen anyone mention his dancing exploits though, I guess that's not 'good news' enough. I know I praised Paul Kagame as an entrepreneur president but calling Zuma a dancing president is not a knock on him. It's a feather in his cap. Jacob Zuma is a man of the people.

I just discovered a video of his sharing the stage with South African artistes - dancing. The man can move! I wish I had a president who could dance like him. While President Professor Atta Mills is busily 'gbaaing' (tripping over words), Jacob Zuma is showing his youth. Lekker.

See the video here

In fact, the guys sings as well. Watch him sing Umshini Wami below. Full name Awuleth' Umshini Wami, it means "Bring me my machine gun" and is a popular Zulu language "struggle song" used formerly by members of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military wing of the African National Congress during the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa. Most recently, the song is identified with the persona of Jacob Zuma, the current President of South Africa, and is often sung at rallies which involve him and his supporters, including the ANC Youth League. Info from Wikipedia. This song rendition spearheaded the ANC to electoral victory. You've got the dancing and singing Mzansi people. Is Zuma's nickname JZ? How appropriate?

I've heard concerns Jacob Zuma may be the second coming of the new Robert Mugabe. The old Robert Mugabe was adored by the West, just do a little research. Zuma is a Zulu unlike his Xhosa friends in Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki. I pray President Zuma uses his power to empower black South Africans more but in doing so, manages not to upset the other South Africans and other immigrants making a living in the new South Africa. We'll see. If he makes more enemies in trying to do the right thing, I hope he throws a party for them and challenges them to dance-offs. Amandla!
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