Thursday, July 30, 2009

BarCamp Diaspora '09 interviews

BarCamp Diaspora '09 (Investing our talent where it counts) took place on July 25 at Johns Hopkins' School of Advanced International Studies. The event was a success and drew about 80 participants and had many more following proceedings through Twitter, Ustream and Facebook.

Shara Karasic, who was one of the attendees, interviewed Ashifi Gogo (the keynote speaker), Henry Barnor (one of the organizers) and Freda Obeng-Ampofo (one of the attendees).

Ashifi Gogo is CEO at, PhD Innovation Fellow at Dartmouth College and Co-founder at, and a 2009 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. Here he talks about BarCamp Diaspora, mPedigree, and the future of scientific research in Ghana.

Henry Barnor sums up BarCamp Diaspora, a conference at Johns Hopkins SAIS in Washington, DC on July 25, 2009. BarCamp Diaspora's purpose was to gather together the African diaspora for conversation about how to apply their talent toward Africa.

Frieda Obeng-Ampofo talks about her experience at BarCamp Diaspora '09, held at Johns Hopkins SAIS in Washington, DC on July 25, and how the African diaspora can use their talent for Africa.
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