I watched Inter Milan play at Stanford

Yesterday, I went to see Inter Milan play Mexico's Club America with my brother and some other friends. It's absolutely awesome they played the game right down the road from me on Stanford's campus. Which other universities host international soccer games? Stanford even hosted a game in the USA 94 World Cup. This game was not attended well compared to the time Chelsea came here, but the game was enjoyable with the Mexican drumming and Vuvuzelas blowing. Both teams scored from corners and settled for a 1-1 draw and Inter lost on penalties. I had gone to see Muntari, Balotelli and Ibrahimovic play. Sulley got injured early in the game but I did get to shout his name and have him wave at me when he was exiting the stadium.

I was surprised when I saw the Mexicanos selling these trumpets/Vuvuzelas. I've not been a big fan of those things but I am beginning to accept that it's a part of the game. That thing is not easy to blow, much respect to the South Africans who provided the soundtrack to the recent Confederations Cup. Kai, Mexicans are hustlers. The area around the Stanford Stadium looked like Accra with all the Mexican/Spanish hawkers. And they were marketing their goods in Spanish? "Cinco, cinco ahora". Hawkers in Accra don't shout in English, do they? Nowhere cool. There were some Black men also selling tickets by the stadium. I didn't ask for the prices, but I wonder if they managed to sell it for profit like the Nima boys did during CAN 2008.

I was a little worried Zlatan Ibrahimovic would be absent at the game since it looks really likely he's going to Barcelona. He'd been with Inter on the America trip for awhile so I suppose he was going to be at Stanford. Mourinho, who did not want to lose the match, brought him on in the second half and he gave a little 'show'. 'Keche' be what? As my brother said, he has great ball control and ball sense. When he came into the game, Inter looked more dangerous, though they didn't get any goals because Diego Milito messed some up and their wingers had forgotten how to dribble. Inter's defence sucked though, Materazzi was pretty useless and they probably only won a couple of headers all game. Maicon & Figo were absent. Cambiasso is a baller. Quaresma is a wastepipe, he needs to go back to Portugal. For Ibra, he joining Barca would make them a killer team! Those El Classicos this season would be fantabulous! The wizardry of Messi, Zlatan, Henry, Iniesta & Xavi versus the artistry of Kaka, Ronaldo, Benzema, Raul & Higuain. Barcelona is coming to town next month and will try to see them as well.

Balotelli played well too but that guy plays kinda rough (buga-buga) and needs to be better disciplined. Wanted to see him after the game to say, "Come play for Ghana, son". This boy is good and would add a lot to the Black Stars. He can shoot, even play on the wing a bit, hustles back and can take set-pieces. Discovered the Nigerian guy called Joel Chukwuma Obi who played for Inter. Why is it that most of the African stars in top European teams are holding midfielders? What happened to the Abedi Peles and Jay Jay Okochas? Or the Osei-Kuffours and Radebes? Obi acquitted himself well but he had a straight red card at the end, which was quite harsh. I wondered where Obinna Nsofor was, he's a great player. It was sad Muntari couldn't play the whole game. Lower back problems? "Atopa no dɔɔ so, Menaye, ɛyɛ a, susu" :-D

I kept wondering what at all is this Club America team? You have Chelsea, Inter Milan, AC Milan playing in this Football Challenge, and then Club America? They ain't even from 'America'. I googled and found out that they are the richest team outside of Europe and one of Mexico's most successful. Most of their top players were playing for Mexico over the weekend so they faced Inter with a second-string side and still drew. Club America had more supporters than Inter at the game, serious business. How is it possible that I've seen Club America play two more times than Man U, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Arsenal, New York Red Bull (just kidding) combined. Shyous right? Try this one, I've seen them play two more than I've seen games involving Accra Hearts of Oak or Kumasi Asante Kotoko. Now that is something I need to change really fast, it's atrocious.

So there was a lady who 'streaked' unto the field at the end of the game to hug the players. Nah, she wasn't naked but that was hilarious. Maybe, soccer lovers in the US have to start regular American sports terms to get Americans to love the game. This American dude next to me was getting on my nerves. One time, he said that guy had a 'booty fall'. He and his lady partner were using terms like steal, turnover, overtime, etc. Come on! They kept on referring to Inter as the Italians and Club America as the Mexicans. Club America had some black defender dude (another position Africa is exporting pretty well). He did help tell some Mexicano in front of me to sit down when I needed him to so that was nice. Get your mind right buddy, it's football not soccer.

It was a nice game, as well as the half-time soccer match involving Special Olympians from Northern California and folks from EA Sports. Next time, I wish I'll be watching Manchester United or the Phobia boys. There are few more games in the World Football Challenge left across the US, try and catch one. And who is organizing this thing anyway? How does Club America have 3 points and Inter have 2 points after this game? WednesdayThursdayFriday? Read their yawa tournament rules. Enjoy the games and get ready for more Vuvuzela action, especially at next year's World Cup in South Africa. "Local is lekker".


ImageNations said…
Thanks for this post. Enjoyed reading. Interesting how you could write this from just one football match. Tell Obama that Africans have started making it long before his famous speech, and you are one damn example...keep the fire burning buddy...PEACE
I watched a short show on TV this weekend. The producers of the Vuvuzela are considering exporting the noise-making trumpet to more countries outside. It is beginning to scare me!!
MIghTy African said…
you are welcome man. Fredua, I got a whole bunch to say :-)
Edward, I didn't like the Vuvuzelas before but it seems we may have to start getting used to having them. Little of this at the stadium is less, I want to hear singing, jama, etc

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