Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leti Games unveils iWarrior (iPhone App) & Kijiji (J2Me)

Earlier this year, I blogged about my friend, Eyram Tawia's work on Leti Games. Together with Wesley Kirinya, from Kenya, they've launched a couple of games produced in Africa. The major one is iWarrior which is receiving a lot of buzz and is an iPhone app (game). So if you have an iPhone, pick up the app today from the Apple appstore and support African-made. I haven't been able to play the game yet but from what I hear, it's a lot of fun. What else do you want in a game? And it's an African-made too :-)

I've already blogged about Eyram Tawia and his work on Leti Games. I am excited for both these guys. We had tried working on a computer game for the African Cup of Nations in Ghana in 2008. Through my working experience with them, I knew they would go on to do bigger and better things and are quite capable of competing worldwide. Eyram had already proven his mettle by winning GhanaThink's Programming Contest while a final-year student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

233Tech.com, primed to be Ghana's tech hub, also had an article about iWarrior. 233Tech.com's Nana Kwabena Owusu asked Eyram a couple of questions about it too. (Kwabena, Eyram and myself all grew up in the same neighbourhood). Gameli announced the entrance of Leti Games into the global games market in his blog post about Leti Games' iWarrior. The WhiteAfrican also shared some thoughts on his website. Read a full review of iWarrior from the AppStore.

What's special about iWarrior? Other than the cool name, the game is set in Africa. How many games can you say the same about? Your mission is to protect your village, farm, inhabitants, etc from marauding animals. Fun. It's a wholly African-made production with African art and sounds. Leti means star or moon in Ewe, a Ghanaian language, and Eyram and Wesley are quite Africa-conscious in their work.

Download the game from iTunes

KIJIJI is a port of iWarrior for most j2me midp2.0 devices. It is code named the BIG FIVE. These big five beasts of the safari include the Rhino, Leopard, Buffalo, Lion and Elephant. The game is made up of five stages in which the bushman protects his village from these beasts. Kijiji means village/town in Kiswahili. Learn more about Kijiji from the Leti Games' website.
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