Friday, October 23, 2009

Political satire by KSM (Kwaku Sintim-Misa)

I was at KSM's Nifty @ Fifty concert held in Accra in December 2006. I recorded a bunch of videos and the ones I am posting on the blog today are about politics. KSM is arguably Ghana's best stand-up comedian and if you haven't seen him perform live, you are missing out. Well, not exactly, because with friends like Youtube, we can all revel in KSM's talent and artistry. :-)

First, he prays for a funky president. Can you imagine Ghana having a leader making a speech and everyone is bumping their heads because they are enjoying the speech so much? I know I want a funky president for Ghana. No more old heads taking up these positions because they need something else to do after retiring. Let's get some youth in here.

I think we had a funky president once, by the name of Jerry John Rawlings. KSM proves this by describing the scenes of a taxi driver overtaking the former president's motorcade.

Next, he makes fun of former President John Agyekum Kufuor and his lax-lackadaisical ways. He's not funky at all, though Mr. Sexy Eyes has got some charm for the ladies. Remember the Gizelle Yajzi story? "JAK, you lie bad!"

If you've lived in Ghana for awhile, you'll quickly learn almost everything is about politics. "We sleep politics, we eat politics, we drink politics"

As usual, I am the one laughing hysterically in the background.
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