Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kojo Antwi features Yvonne Nelson in his Adiepena video (Museke)

Mr. Music man, Kwadwo Antwi, has always had great music videos. In the first music video from his latest Mwaah album, Adiepena, he features renowned Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, in it.

Kojo Antwi features Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson in his newest video, Adiepena. This is not the first time Ghanaian actresses have played major roles in Ghanaian music videos. The late Suzzy Williams featured in VIP's continental hit, Ahomka womu as well as Reggie Rockstone's Channel O award-winning video for Fame bone kye me (Ah) featuring K. K. Fosu. I'll like to see more of these where Ghanaian music and movies combine. We've seen the musicians contributing greatly to soundtracks and it would be great to see the actors and actresses play important roles in the music videos. It will go hand in hand to make both industries more popular in Africa and beyond.

In the video, Yvonne plays Kojo's love interest. The storyline follows most of the song's lyrics, which you can find at this link. The video looks like a mini-movie. We see Yvonne shouting like she normally does in various Ghanaian movies, we see her seducing and 'dancing sexy' in front of Kojo. If you've followed her recent movies, it's not far from some of her roles. This makes Yvonne almost an automatic choice for what Kojo wanted to do in the music video. Yvonne ends up getting hurt in the video and we see blood. That's not a marked departure from Ghanaian movie scenes these days as well.

I love how she's 'wearing' the Ghana flag in the video. Awesome. How lovely! Isn't a girl blowing a whistle kinda sexy? And she's handling one of the most beautiful footballs known to mankind - a Wawaba!

Yvonne Nelson must be loving this one, haven't seen any of the other major Ghanaian actresses in music videos. I wonder how much she was paid to be in this video. Or maybe with Kojo Antwi's popularity and pull, Yvonne didn't even get paid anything. It's a nice gesture for both Kojo and Yvonne, and it will endear them to each other's fans. The video is from Kojo's Quajo-Quajo stable. I think he's been directing his own music videos for a while now.

Watch the video here

Nice video! I love it. It may end up winning a few awards. What do you think of it?
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