Thursday, March 11, 2010

My predictions for the Ghana Music Awards 2010 (Museke)

The nominees for the #GhanaMusicAwards 2010 are out and Sarkodie, Ayigbe Edem, Wutah, 4x4, Bradez, Becca, Ohemaa Mercy and Obrafour lead the number of nominations for the awards ceremony slated for April 10. Music fans have asked many questions about them and asked why artistes like Samini, Ofori Amponsah and Kwabena Kwabena missed out. CharterHouse, the organizers, released a press statement responding to various criticisms as well. In this post, I'll offer thoughts on who should win or who would win when the winners are announced next month.

You can click the songs and artistes below to learn more about them.

Artist of the year
This is a very closely contested one. I am not sure of the best way to judge this category. Sarkodie will win because he has the biggest following these days this but I think the winner should be 4x4. They had two surefire hits and featured on other big songs as well. I'll like to see Bradez win it too. I was surprised Samini wasn't nominated. Surely, his nationwide tour had to count for something?

Most popular song of the year
Kotosa proved Wutah came back really strong after a hiatus. People think it's their best song ever. However, I think the winner here will be and should be Simple by Bradez. It was huge in Liberia as well and ruled the charts in Ghana as long as some of the other nominees.

Discovery of the year
Sarkodie will surely win this one, though the feel-good choice would be Ayigbe Edem. Mimi may end up being the most successful of them all

Hip hop /hiplife song of the year
Kasiebo and The Game both nominated? Who would have thought? This category is probably a popularity contest. I hope Kasiebo wins but I think You Dey Craze by Ayigbe Edem will win. The synergy and energy on that song is simply super.

Hip hop/hiplife artist of the year
I believe Sarkodie would and should win this one. Ayigbe Edem did release 3 music videos though.

Gospel Song of the year
It was surprising to see Ohemaa Mercy get these many nominations when her album arrived late. I believe Aseda by Ernest Opoku will and should win this award.

Gospel Artist of the year
Why only three nominees? And none for Ernest Opoku? Celestine Donkor had a good year but I don't see her beating Ohemaa Mercy.

Highlife song of the year
Never heard King David's Born to Win but if this Ghanaian song's not on Youtube, it probably wasn't that popular. Kotosa was a huge hit and would/should win this award.

Highlife artist of the year
How wasn't Kojo Antwi nominated here? Is he now a reggae artist? What about Kwabena Kwabena? I think Kofi B would win, he had the biggest hits amongst the bunch.

Afro-pop Song of the year
This is where the awards get weird. VIP, 4x4 & Bradez nominated for Afro-pop song? Isn't Run away by Irene Logan an R&B song? I suppose they adjudged these songs to be here because it's mostly singing than rapping. I think World Trade Center by 4x4 should win and probably would win.

Reggae Song of the year
How wasn't Wutah's Burning Desire nominated instead of Jah will be there? Adiepena as a reggae song? I'm not sure Kojo Antwi is too happy about that. Funny thing is I'll like to see Adiepena win an award and this probably will be it.

Best Collaboration of the year
This category is tough! You dey Craze by Edem/Sarkodie/Kwaw Kesse would probably win but I think the creativity with Kasiebo should see Obrafour and Guru carry this gong.

Best Rapper of the year
Like many others, am wondering why this category has been introduced while we have the hiplife artiste of the year. Sarkodie's seen as the best rapper today and will win. Bradez also have some sick flows.

African artiste of the year
This may look like a straight contest between Bracket and Wande Coal but I think Midnight Crew should win. Their gospel song, Igwe, has been so popular that it's played in the night clubs. Imagine that for a second. Haven't heard of performing in Ghana and that may work against them. I think Wande Coal will win though.

Record of the year
I love this category because it allows a song that wasn't that popular but just really well-done to be honoured. I never heard Love Zone but I really like Nyonorvidade by Ayigbe Edem. I hope it wins but I have a feeling Run Away by Irene Logan and Asem will win.

Album of the Year
I also love this new category since it honours our musicians for putting in the work to produce albums and sell CDs. Makye is already one of the best hiplife albums to date and it would and should win this award. Also loved Ayigbe Edem's Volta Regime.

Song writer of the year
Obrafour should win this award for Kasiebo and I believe he will win it. Dark horse will be Asem for writing Run Away.

Best Male Vocal performance
The kind of year Wutah had should ensure PV wins this category though Ernest Opoku could steal it (gospel musicians hardly ever beat out their secular counterparts for awards anyway).

Best Female Vocal Performance
It's interesting to see how Becca released one song and it carried her to multiple nominations. I'll like to see her win this but I believe Irene Logan will win. Speaking of Irene, has anyone seen her lately?

Who do you think should win the awards?
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