Vote for me with vim at the Ghana Social Media Awards #blogcamp13

Last year, Ghana's first Social Media Awards was launched. It aims to award Ghana's best bloggers from 2012 (not from time immemorial) and the major Ghanaian entities on social media. It's being organized by Blogging Ghana (Ghana's Association of Bloggers) of which I am a member and as part of BlogCamp Ghana 2013, a social media focused conference. Yeah, it looks like I wrote Barcamp but that's the beauty of it, a Barcamp can be used in any way for any kind of event on any topic. There are health or law camps out there, see a list of past Barcamp type events worldwide. This blog post is not about BlogCamps or BarCamps, but a request to support this particular blog that you've been reading. Or if it's your first time here, check out some blog posts before you continue (go on and click it o!). 

Now that we are on the same page. This blog has been nominated for best blog in Ghana at the Ghana Social Media Awards. I am very honoured to have been nominated, since there are so many other blogs by Ghanaians in Ghana, Ghanaians elsewhere and by people who live in Ghana. I have already set myself a goal of 233 blog posts for 2013, and this nomination gives me #morevim to meet that target. I'm not joking about the number 233, I am keen to meet this, no matter the fact that I have only published 7 blog posts in 2013 so far as of February 26th. Damn, I should have written this post on the 23rd of February.

I've always loved writing ever since I entered Presec for high (senior secondary) school. I started writing opinion pieces when I got to MIT for university, wrote very regularly as Abocco & Nwia on GhanaThink's GhanaConscious platform (yea, it was me) and started this blog when I got to Stanford for my Master's. From the comments on my blog posts, following my blog in your Readers, sharing my blog posts, blogging about my blog posts, linking to them in other posts, sharing them on social media, discussing them offline, you've supported me from Day One. You have spurred on to be a better blogger and put up posts I know you would enjoy, like and drive you to action.

So without further ado, please continue supporting me by voting under the category Best Blog. Help me win this. Voting results would help adjudge the winner as the judges will also have their way. But also check out the various blogs that are nominated and vote in the other categories.
Voting closes on March 8, 2013. So go and vote for me today at!
I nominated this blog for Best Blog,
Personality with Best Social Media Presence, Best Citizen Journalism and News Blog and Best Original Content alongside nominating many other Ghana blogs. Someone asked me the other day why I don't blog about a particular niche. It's because I do what I want. I have so much to say. I write about personal experiences, music, events & conferences, movies, technology, politics, engineering and even host press releases. My interests vary, hence my blog varying as well with the title - "The Vim Views & Versions"This is a difficult post to write because I am as modest as they come. But I'd love to win this award and the least you can do is help me win it. And if I win it, I promise to do a couple of things on my blog. That can be decided by you, so write a comment to demand what you want from me on my blog when I win the Best Blog nod :-)
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