Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Happy Valentine's Day story

It's February 14 today. Many people around the world know it as Valentine's Day. I am getting closer and closer to my wedding date. So forgive me, if I talk about 'love' more and more on my blog. Because I am capable :-)

Love is in the air today. I'd been listening to as many zouk, kizomba and love songs as possible to keep me in the Valentine spirit. The point of this blog post is to share some relevant tweets which would be posted today.
I caught YFM (107.9) doing a short prose competition where folks call in and add something to "roses are red, violets are blue". The above and below are my creations. :-)

Back in the days when I used to write poems, I wrote a really beautiful love poem. I took out a couple of lines and reviewed it for today's tweeting purposes. Actually, 3 years ago, I shared the whole poem for the whole wide world (WWW) to see.
1 of my favorite songs ever is "Don't change" by Kaysha. It makes me think about a certain kind of woman (that I like and love). I can't listen to this song without repeating it. Become a fan of this legendary song today ;-)

Viviane Chidid is one of most beautiful women ever. I will never forget the day Museke gave her award and I met and took (many) pictures with her. Photo evidence is in my Moamas facebook album. She does make excellent music too. Check out this heavenly line from her "Amor" song with Philippe Monteiro.
 I wrote a blog post of my favorite African wedding songs once. This was before my infatuation with Zouk and Kizomba music though. In fact, my wife must love Zouk & Kizomba. :-) So I would have to do a "take 2" on that post.

I spent the day like I do most weekdays - working, browsing, talking, etc. I bought some Golden Tree Chocolate which I shared amongst my workmates and also gave my sister a couple. I call some loved ones, texted some others, tweeted and facebooked others, etc. I really missed using whatsapp today though. All the cool things I would have sent around paa eh?

I learnt how to say a number of things in the Sissala language.

We learnt enough things in Sissala so we could reproduce this story :-)
The funniest part of the day was when I saw some chic as I was leaving Tavern. The girl looked really familiar. I thought, "this must be the girl I met at the Ghana Fashion Awards who was Genie's friend". We stopped the car, I got out and approached her. "Genie, Genie". She looked at me funny. She wasn't Genie's friend yet she bore a stark resemblance to the lady. Same short hair cut too. I said, "Sorry, but you looked like someone I met". She replied, "but we've met before". "Huh? We've met where?" "We met at Aphrodisiac. I'm Katie". And then I remembered. "You disappeared that night". She did, I bought her a drink, danced with her a couple of times and then "she do me antenna". But here she was, I had her in my grasp now, on Valentine's Day. I couldn't take her phone number then, but exactky 5 weeks on, I got it. So, I have every reason to believe I shall see "this very hot chic" one of these days. ;-)

I've been in Valentine mood all day. Even this very blog post knows that. see :-)

The day is ending. I'm ending it very happy. I'm gonna think about my Valentine as I fall asleep. Good night y'all :-)
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