Tweeting my #LightHouse Chapel experience in Accra

I was at church again today! What an experience it was. I won't talk plenty. I blogged this thing already while at the Light House Chapel Airport West service :-)
I love wearing African attires. But you may know that already. I love seeing people wearing African attires. Especially my sisters. Ghana mmaa hoɔ fɛ! The ladies had 'spoated' paa! Some of the dresses had been made with about 5 different pieces of fabric. My people are full of colour. I was just loving this. 
Yeah, so we're hearing that many of these 'African' fabrics are not really from Ghana or Africa but rather made in China (rip-offs & cheap Chinese copycats) and Holland (courtesy of Vlisco and co). Can I tell the difference? Not really. Do I love seeing traditional African wear on people? Really do. If you are not appreciating God's people wearing their best cultural dresses into His presence and second-guessing and belittling that they might be wearing Dutch courage and Chinese copycats, God is watching you o!
Yeap. There's no real chance to do a second time at the LightHouse chapels in Kumasi and Oakland right now. There's a real chance I visit this Airport West branch again because I shall be invited again. Soon. They even have some directions to my house. The light breakfast on the house is the sweetener. :-)
I normally spend Sundays listening to gospel music. I am listening to some from South Africa now. But the percussion and piano in church does a lil something to the human being. Just like that loud party music in the club. Bɔ senku no na bɔ ne dɛdɛ!
No joke. There's a LightHouse chapel in every corner you turn. Have you not seen their bright yellow signboard in your travels? It's them. Bringing light to every house and maintaining loyalty. I just came up with the marketing motto for the church. I want some of my collection back. Just kidding :-)
It was tres cool to see Cwesi Oteng lead praise and worship. The Bishop confirmed it later, I wasn't sure whether it was him. It was even cooler to tweet with him today as well. Jesus Follower! I just followed him back. I love his music! Interestingly, he performed with Kirk Franklin here in Accra last night. I stayed at home yesterday and didn't party. Praise God! I missed Cwesi Oteng and Kirk Franklin in concert. OMG!

That video which had filmed the lady chilling at Prampram beach and talking about announcements for the church service for the next day was too cool. That's just putting some more cool in an already cool church. I thought it was interesting that the church announcements came before the sermon and the first offering had also followed.
After the service, I told all who would hear that Bishop Eddie Addy was a funny pastor. That's not something I could tell him so I told him he was entertaining. He surely was. He got his message across though. I tweeted it. If you missed the message while reading these earlier tweets, God is watching you too!
Many books to sell. This is a business. Too much. 3 collections! Eish! Three much. Let me save the church business talk for another blog post. I loved going to LightHouse. I already proclaimed I'd go back to visit. I caught myself saying second mass earlier today. I have to go to a Catholic service soon. I guarantee it won't be a 4 hour commitment like today was. It was a great 4 hours though. This blog post is confirmation. :-)
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