Zouk my love for Kizomba music, make my move for Kizomba dance in Accra

Instead of going to Afrikiko to go and sharpen my poor Kizomba dancing skills, I am here at home 'working' and listening a playlist of Kizomba songs. That sounds like something I would do but not Roberto Saudades. When he is in the right environment, he can really get his Kizomba grooves on. Since I am not really Roberto, I have some learning to do. I basically want to be able to move like this on the dance floor. See the video below

I became a huge fan of Kizomba music as I continued looking for music from Angola. I discovered musicians like Ary, Ralph Anselmo and Yola Araujo. I knew of Perola and Bruna Tatiana already. In fact, Bruna is my Facebook friend. Grande som! Bruna had made a name for herself participating in Big Brother Africa and even coming to Ghana. How I wish she would come again, to Ghana? #Coded. Yeah. Perola had a couple of hot songs, disappeared for a bit and then reappeared with this classic - Presta Atencao. And then Ary came out with Vai Dar Bum, Ralph came out with Kizomba songs that were still madly popular but which I finally loved, like Nao Me Toca. This video has 14 million views. As for Yola, she'd won me over with that "I Love You" song with Ali Angel. And then Coisa Doida with Adi Cudz arrived. Yola Semedo found her way into my playlist after releasing Meu Amor. After a long period off the music scene and in being in DC, Bruna returned to Angola and then released with Estou Cansada. Aish.

The day I found out that there was a regular Kizomba night in Accra, I was beside myself with excitement. I went to the next Kizomba gig at Afrikiko the very next Thursday and enjoyed the 'performances'. They surely are performances because I can't really do it like they do. I had missed the dance lessons that happened earlier. You see how you go to clubs and get bounced around, not getting dances? Not at the Kizomba or Zouk gigs. If you can do the dance, you get a dance. After I eventually went to ask for a dance, one of the ladies was so kind to give me a lesson. I struggled. Hehe. I'm not sure I'm any better today. I put an entry in my calendar - Kizomba Night in Accra, every Thursday from 9-10pm. This is the most consistent entry in my calendar. No joke. It's happening right now as I finish this blog post. Am gonna pause to watch this video on my big screen TV. Join me.

I would have repeated the video but I didn't want to keep you waiting. I'm hooked onto Zouk, but I have a huge crush on Zouk's sister. I just might write another poem at some point. Kizomba for me is more African. It's more synonymous with Angola than Zouk is synonymous with Francophone Africa. It's made me want to learn Portuguese so bad. It's also made me want to go to Angola so bad. I can't do the dance but I absolutely love the music. I'm holding on tight to my love for Kizomba music while in Accra. I have to hold on tight to my yearning to learn how to dance Kizomba as well. It involves a lot of holding anyway. You didn't watch the video? Sit there and miss out. Get onto it. And if you're in Accra, join me to go to Afrikiko around 9pm on Thursdays. It would be an experience.
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