Calendar of Barcamp & other type events in Ghana

I see a lot of events happening around Ghana, shared via my network. The +GhanaThink Foundation seeks to ensure that people are aware of all the great things happening in Ghana, especially with youth and around the broad areas of entrepreneurship, leadership and technology. Our Online team is working on particular calendars to meet the needs of various people in our communities.

While we wait to get this up online at, I'd like to present them one by one on my blog. Starting with the re-worked Calendar of forward-thinking events & things happening in Ghana (mostly Accra).

This calendar would have +Barcamp Ghana events, +Junior Camp Ghana events, various workshops and motivational events, TEDxs, etc. There are even +Barcamp Ghana events going to be run by non- +GhanaThink Foundation team members. This year has seen the launch of the Accra Discourse by the +Global Shapers Accra of which I am part of. If you have events to submit, please send info to barcamp

Add this calendar to your Google calendar so that you are updated. You can do so by clicking the Google Calendar button right at the bottom of the calendar. 


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