Calendar of forward-thinking events & things happening in Ghana (mostly Accra)

Last year, I realised there was a gap whereby it was difficult to find out upcoming forward thinking events in Ghana. I wanted to have a cool calendar done that looked very nice on a website. I thought to make use of Google Calendar API but I couldn't get the time to learn it more seriously or someone else to help make use of it. So I decided to go ahead with a simple Google calendar I could contribute to and then embed in a website.

I put this up on the Barcamp Ghana website and added a couple more people to the calendar so we could all add entries. We have different kinds of events there - Barcamps, TEDx events, seminars, workshops, and even some shows. We have also had film screenings and concerts. We have also added some cool radio shows and TV shows.

Check out the calendar below. You can always find this on the Barcamp Ghana website. Suggestions welcome. The calendar is a work in progress. We have the events color-coded but the colours don't show in this view. We'd work on it. If you have an event to add, send info to barcamp @

Many thanks to +Jemila Abdulai for contributing some posts. Thanks to +Akua Akyaa Nkrumah who helped me notice +Barcamp Koforidua & +Barcamp Sunyani were on the same day and the change had to be made. Big ups to +Barcamp Ghana webmaster +Kobe Subramaniam. And also to +Emmanuel A. Gamor who runs the +Mpwr show who inspired this blog post as I had a conversation with him that included this tonight. Planning some changes to this calendar for next year, would make it bigger and better. For now, add this calendar to your Google calendar so you are kept updated. 
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