The beauty of Google Hangouts On Air & YouTube

I've been an avid Google+ user for a long time now. Oh, that's an understatement. Or actually an overstatement based on you who ask. Either way, one great feature I love about Google+ is Google Hangouts. You can have a video conference for up to 10 people. You can broadcast that video conference on YouTube at the same time. Google Hangouts on Air everybody. This weekend, the +Diaspora Camp had one for its #AfricaDayAgric chat and it went extremely well.

Its success is due to proper preparation and knowledge of the product. First, we had to create the +Diaspora Camp Google+ page and then link it to YouTube. +Ali Bukari Maiga has become a Google guru and effortlessly set this YouTube channel up. He's done so for countless +GhanaThink Foundation Google+ accounts now. He's also live streamed many events now - from +Barcamp Tema to +Springboard Road Show Foundation to +Global Shapers Accra's Accra Discourse.

+Jemila Abdulai has had the experience of moderating many Google hangouts and her experience made this +Diaspora Camp Africa Chat on Agric run very smoothly. She moderated the chat really well with great poise too. +Jemila Abdulai  is very comfortable in front of the camera, having a history of many vlogs at +Circumspect. You can see her previous Google Hangout videos as well there.

Watch the full video here.

I was on a Google Hangout for +Social Media Week Lagos as a 55Forward Ambassador, this was run by +Raquel Wilson-Sow. Learn about 5 great Google Hangout Apps via Social Media Week. There are many great apps for Hangouts. I love the Lower Third features which gives a great journalistic feel to everything. Being able to view Google Drive documents while on a Hangout with folks has always been my first love.

Google Hangouts (and Google+) for that matter is always improving and changing so stay tuned as much as possible. I hope to see more Africans, especially digital natives and media organizations adopt it more. +Citi97.3FM continues to do a good job with this and +BloggingGhana too. Looking forward to more happy days in Africa with Google Hangouts.

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