I finally met young and black people in Belfast in ... the club

If someone asked me the top 5 European countries to visit, I would not have added Northern Ireland. Oh, but wait, Northern Ireland is not really a country, it is part of the UK. But it's still not England. And from being there earlier this year, it doesn't have many black people walking around. Except in the clubs :-) Aww, yeah. Well, mostly.
Why shouldn't I say so? I am a young person. I shouldn't say so? I'm a black person. I live in Ghana.
Ghanaian music should have really traveled. We've not done a great job with this. Music for tourism is fine, music for export is finer, it brings tourism.
I am very serious about this. Azonto should become as popular as salsa. Don't put this at the doorsteps of the government. Learn how to dance it, show it everywhere you go. Like your passport.
Okay. I know he wasn't obliged to say hi to me but I was really trying to strike a conversation. I mean, just for a minute. Sorry, am a racist for expecting a black man I said hi to in a place where there are like no black men to say hi back and hold a conversation for at least 2.33 minutes?
I chose to wear the +GhanaThink Foundation lacoste as +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor suggested I do so. Don't have my +Party Crew t-shirt yet.
Nasir is from Dubai. He'd come to Belfast 7 years ago and stayed, gotten married and all. He was a lot of fun. He was doing beat boy dances and all. He tethered the connection from his iPhone and I got some wi-fi to tweet and check Facebook. By the way, most people use iPhones in Belfast.
Oh, so this is where all the black people in Belfast have been hiding. We are in the clubs, we like to have fun. I saw a number of fine young ladies too. When I tweeted, a Beyonce song was playing. But the highlight of the night was when the deejay played Fuse ODG's Million Pound Girl (Badder than Bad). I was like, "that's my jam, that's my jam, that's my jam!" I got my #azonto moves on and took over the dance floor. "Show dem, show dem, show dem, Ato, show dem". They were all watching me. Make the circle beega, bigger :-) The DJ played some other popular Naija songs - Alingo, Gobe, Skelewu, etc.
Okay, I had forgotten that not all clubs close whenever they want to or the last person goes home. Just like in the US, it's law for (most) clubs, bars and lounges to stop selling alcohol at 2am. Since, people in the places need alcohol to aid their having fun, when the alcohol is finished, the partying is over. Many a time, the fooling, fussing and fighting also starts. It's comical sometimes. They should come to Ghana, or elsewhere in Africa, we know how to have a good time.

Young and black people in Belfast are mostly in the clubs? I ask because surely, young and black people in Belfast cannot mostly be in the clubs. I want to know where else. It's time to learn that. 


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