Irregular day and regular say

Today wasn't a regular Monday. I was extra pumped as the work week started. Maybe it was because the +Junior Camp Ghana team had just another event and though I wasn't present, it was successful. I was telling a few respected and famous people in Ghana, how proud I was of the team that executed Junior Camp Armesco.

After my conversation with these respected persons at the +Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra, I waited around the hotel to charge my phone. I thought about a number of things, some of which I tell people a lot. There, I reflected on the conversation we'd had and I took to Twitter to post

These are things I say regularly. But today was a bit of an irregular day, that's why I posted these tweets. There's not much more to say after these tweets. The first tweet? We shall call them the 6 P's people. These are the people I hope the +Barcamp Ghana program contributes to building a critical mass of. I've answered the question in the second tweet many times because people are always asking. The third tweet is about vim. But I've blogged this and that song already. The fourth tweet is the main idea driving +GhanaThink Foundation's Junior Camp events. The subject of the fifth tweet, while borrowed from SHAPE Africa 2013, was discussed at length at +Barcamp Cape Coast 2013. The sixth tweet? The National Volunteer Day initiative is from a place which sought to get people to make Ghana better any day. The +Ghana Volunteer Program's work should make people say "I Made Ghana Better Today" many days. 


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