Social Innovation driving the process to #shapeafrica

Social innovation will be very important in shaping Africa. I think we all agree we need critical thinking, creative working and entrepreneurial acting in driving progress on the continent. That must be social though, it must be done together, in groups, in organizations, in systems, in partnerships and collaboration.

I am in Cape Town this week. I applied and got invited to join the World Economic Forum on Africa event this week. Before that starts on Wednesday, I am attending SHAPE Africa, which is the first gathering of Global Shapers from around the African continent. I've been in the midst of multiple awesome Africans but never have I been a group like this, on the continent itself. Interestingly, I know very few of the people attending SHAPE Africa so far. I know the Director of the Global Shapers Community, Yemi Babbington-Ashaye, from our time at MIT and also half-knew Nancy Sumari, and I later realized her husband, Luca Neghesti (of KINU) who I knew was there. Yeap. I had mostly never heard of the rest before. Wow. I am here with Yawa Hansen-Quao, another of the Accra Global Shapers.

I am extremely excited to be here, meeting, greeting, learning, sharing, networking, vimming :-) Some of that has happened already. Let's recap what has happened so far today. The theme of the SHAPE Africa event is "social innovation" so I will share some tweets on the subject.

This is just a part of Day 1. I should be going to bed to prepare for an early Day 2. But I will lose sleep to get this blog post in. I wanted to do this so bad. When it comes to Africa, I just want it so bad. Let's shape the Africa we want. No one should tell us we cannot do it. Because we can. Let it be us.

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