Growing Kumasi Konnect (team, initiative and events)

The Kumasi Konnect initiative is growing. When we first promoted it, a gentleman called +joseph osei emailed us saying - "My name is joseph, i work with Ultimate Radio, and I will like to be involve in the Kumasi Konnect initiative". I knew of Joseph, because I had seen him email the +BloggingGhana mailing list and knew he lived in Kumasi. I was really happy that he approached us about getting involved in #KumasiKonnect. I knew what exactly we wanted him to do, since he was with Ultimate Radio and was a blogger he'd help us with marketing. After finally reaching him via Twitter, the team asked him to recap the first event. He came back with a post that talked about the first event which featured Frank Boateng and the second (upcoming event) featuring Valerie Okudzeto. Foresight. Get tickets for tickets for this one at Ego Tickets.

Below is the press release he wrote and circulated amongst many websites (albeit edited a bit). I love Joseph's vim, he's had this published in more places than I'm normally able to. He'll work well with +Rasheeda Yehuza+priscilla sarfo-frimpong and +Prince Boadu as +kofi yeboah and myself play more of a supportive role. We have a few other volunteers who will take on bigger roles as the initiative grows within the +GhanaThink Foundation. We have the locally based Butterfly Media on board for photos & videos as well as Nasara Mobile for SMS communication as well as +mFriday's Tech Hub as venue. Eager to sign up our very first cash sponsors.
A group of entrepreneurs and innovators will be converging again in Kumasi to connect at pience share and build together. If you missed out on the maiden edition of the Kumasi Konnect program at the KNUST Campus, then don’t miss out on this. You will have another opportunity to meet deep thinking and influential youth to interact, share ideas and motivate to propel you for the corporate world. The maiden edition held on 25th July 2014, had Mr. Frank Boateng, who spoke on "Turning Passion into Business". Mr. Frank Boateng is a Serial Entrepreneur, Executive VP for XP Resources LLC in Houston USA and Country MD for EquipXP Mining and Construction Ghana Ltd.

The networking was great with many proposing the meeting should be held every month. Participants said Kumasi Konnect created opportunities for skills development and application among the youth. The participants were inspired by Mr. Frank’s diligence towards his dreams and his utmost hard work in turning his ideas and passion into a business.

Interactions led to new opportunities for collaboration among attendees. We hope that the new social capital forged would spark projects that would be of benefit to communities. The participants contributed and shared their personal entrepreneurial experiences, challenges they face and how they are overcoming those challenges as well as asking thought provoking questions which culminated into meaningful discussions.

Valerie Okudzeto, CEO of Clean Team Ghana, will speak at the second edition of Kumasi Konnect on the topic "Leveraging Opportunities for Personal Development", and the event is slated for 4th September, 2014 at KNUST's Tech Hub. The Mandela Washington Fellow will draw from her personal and professional experiences; including key innovative interventions by Clean Team in addressing the problem of sanitation in Kumasi. She will also share experiences from the recent Mandela Washington Fellowship at the White House.

The overall objective of Kumasi Konnect is; to empower the youth to learn how to develop public policies to solve community problems, also, to learn how citizens can have power to monitor and influence public policy making in the community and develop intellectual and participatory skills that promote authentic research, critical thinking, effective communication and reflective thinking.
Kumasi Konnect is an initiative by the GhanaThink Foundation and sponsored by the TechHub in KNUST. This meet-up hosts about 40 young energetic and innovative mind in Kumasi each time. This event series will further commune the network built out of Barcamp Kumasi. Kumasi Konnect series will further commune the network built out of Barcamp Kumasi. The event will also bring together innovators and doers in Kumasi, to interact and share ideas that have the propensity for social and economic impact. Stay tuned via +Barcamp Kumasi on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or the #KumasiKonnect hashtag.


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