Building a partnership with the second Junior Camp Augusco

There have been 2 Junior Camps at St. Augustine's College and I haven't been to any of them. I will make sure to go the next one. Funny thing is, if we allow +Wilson Seyram Ameamu and his Augusco boys, they will have a Junior Camp every single term. I couldn't attend JCAugusco on June 14th because I was in Ho attending the funeral of the late Eli Aidam, a +GhanaThink Foundation member who helped start +Barcamp Ho. Thankfully, the +Junior Camp Ghana (JCG) program is in able hands, and its team members +Nathaniel Alpha+Eunice Mintah Young and +francis kumadoh are able to hold the events down pat. The second JCAugusco was a success, with the support of the +Barcamp Cape Coast team.

This was the 6th Junior Camp following that on January 30, 2013 at +Keta Senior High Technical School, on July 13, 2013 at Kalpohin Senior High School, the first #JCAugusco on  July 27, 2013, and +Ahaspora Ghana's career mentoring event with the JCG's team involvement on December 30, 2013 and the second in 2014 after JCArmesco at Armed Forces Senior High School on June 7. Junior Camp Augusco was a career guidance and mentoring event for the students of St. Augustine's College.

Career Coach +Emmanuel Woyome was part of the panel at Barcamp Cape Coast 2013 which had the theme - "Solving unemployment by creating work". He was the keynote speaker at this Junior Camp where he shared a lot of great knowledge. The Preachers group at Augusco ministered unto the students and have a photo album on Facebook capturing the event as well. Other mentors included Isaac Essuman, Gordon Mensah, +Rachel Hormeku+Samuel Ekem+Papa Baffoe Aikins, Daniel Owusu, Kwasi  OwusuAdu-Gyimah, 3 members of the The Preachers group, Ebenezer Duncan Eghan, +Allan Barku, Christian K. Fialor, +Mary jonah, Yaw Odoom, resident teacher +Wilson Seyram Ameamu and the 3 +Junior Camp Ghana members.

Here are a few tweets that capture what happened at #JCAugusco.

You can see some more photos from the event here. There were a number of tweets posted via the #JCAugusco hashtag as well. Looking to more students becoming skills-oriented and focusing on skills to sustain careers. Thanks to Seyram and co, we're building a good relationship with Augusco. Kudos to the team of Nathaniel, Eunice, Francis, +Pedel Oppong+Kofi Kafui Kornu and Esinam Yevu for another event with a helping hand from +Thelma Boamah. The +Barcamp Cape Coast team also supported. 


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