Submit your old or new app to the Vodafone #AppStarGH competition

Sometime at the end of September, #appstargh was trending in Ghana on Twitter. Many got curious. We wouldn't have gotten to this point if Ghanaians hadn't applied their creativity. Recent times have shown that Ghanaians are comedians and will make fun of many things. In fact, you could say Ghanaians are jokers - in positive and negative ways. There was one huge beneficiary either you looked at this particular issue - AppStar GH. Turned out it's about Vodafone's App Star mobile app competition. Now, this competition is not a joke. It has some great incentives tied to it in unearthing more great Ghanaian built mobile applications. But before we delve further, you'll want to read these tweets

There's not much to say after these tweets. Is there? Ghanaians are ingenuous with words. I really admire Vodafone's social media work over the course of this year. I was featured in one of their campaigns earlier this year - #AskAto where I answered many questions about myself and social media. I blogged about it here. These campaigns are run by the folks at Echo Haus, who are doing an awesome job on social media. Social media gurus be that.

We have to show we are ingenuous with our skills as well. Some of the apps mentioned above should be pretty easy to build. There's 10,000 GHC waiting for you at the end of the competition. Go on. Build it app. Learn more about the Vodafone AppStar competition at The deadline is November 21, 2014. This next Friday. You've built an app. Submit it.


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