Barcamp Koforidua 2015 champions practical education for successful careers #bckdua

Koforidua is an interesting town in Ghana. It's arguably the closest regional capital to Accra, actually it is. But it's not the biggest town in its region, Nkawkaw is. I'll spend a night there this weekend as I attend +Barcamp Koforidua, the 3rd edition. I love how Barcamp Koforidua finally took off. It was thanks to +Nkansah Rexford digging in, the reality that +Samuel Tinagyei was based there, +Billy James Dega's efforts in getting +Eric Amonoo and +Samuel Mari Twum involved from the All Nations University side and the heaven sent +Duncan Elikplim Kwame Gablah and +Jemima Abochie due to the first National Volunteer Day.

This year, after 2 years of taking over All Nations University College's Engineering school, the venue for Barcamp Koforidua will be at the Kama Conference Hall. Yes, Koftown is about 90 minutes from Accra but the Eastern Region's Barcamp won't be happening in Osu. It's in Kofcity! I hope the break from ANUC lends a bigger Koftown feel to Barcamp Koforidua. Because we know ANUC is not the best representation of Koftown. Being where the main market is, is. +Jimmy Othniels and +selorm mamanye will tell you.

Tomorrow, the 3rd Barcamp in Koforidua happens. As usual, the organizing team has been supported in various ways by the +Barcamp Ghana team, +kofi yeboah +Leonard Hagan +Rachel Hormeku and +Senam Aseye Bridget. I know other +GhanaThink Foundation members will be there to rep. They might be wondering about the Koforidua Flowers myth but don't blame them. I am keen to find more information about the origin of my nickname, @Abocco. Read the press release to learn more about Barcamp Koforidua 2015.

BarCamp Koforidua 2015 is a free networking event to bring people together for a day of discussion, demos and dialogue about Koforidua, Ghana and beyond. The event will happen at Kama Conference Hall on December 5, 2015. The theme is "Practical Education for Successful Careers". Barcamp Koforidua is organized primarily by the GhanaThink Foundation, an NGO based both in Ghana and the USA, which has successfully organized 53 BarCamps in Ghana. The Marketing Lead of the Barcamp Ghana Team Rachel Hormeku says, “Barcamps nationwide have inspired changemakers to reach for higher goals. Barcamp Koforidua would be a platform for the youth in Koforidua to discover more practical tools for success in their career.”

Barcamp Koforidua lead Paa Kofi Tinagyei said: “This year's Barcamp is set to activate a conversation that transcends the class, flies past academia as a whole and gets into the heart of business and industry”. Barcamp Koforidua 2015 is the 3rd of its kind and it aims at creating a platform for young people to share ideas on how to identify, clarify and convert opportunities into business ventures by learning to engage and leverage their passions. it also seeks to promote partnerships that are directed towards providing a support base for young entrepreneurs and innovators. We would also discuss how Koforidua and its surrounding areas can be positively affected by youth. Paa Kofi Tinagyei added: “It is about the two heartbeats of the youth of Ghana, which is education and successful businesses. It is our hope that, the ideas, solutions, proposals and action steps we discover and resolve to pursue and promote will help transform our educational structure and produce successful businesses”.

Barcamp Koforidua aims to assemble Koforidua stakeholders to network, build a supportive enterprising community and give birth to lasting professional partnerships. It will feature many young inspirational people based in and outside Koforidua. Confirmed mentors include +Edmund Duodu (DMAC Foundation), +Josephine Marie Godwyll (Young At Heart Foundation), +Sylvanus Gatorwu (Nice 90.9 FM), Billy-James Dega (NSBE), Whit Alexander (Burro Brand), Emmanuel Beresie (Barclays), +Miracule Daniel Gavor (Novan Education), Joanah Owusu (Assembly woman), Nana Addo Dankwa (Speed Banking), Foster Agbobadah (Businessman), Rexofrd Nkansah (Software Developer), etc.

Register at Barcamp Koforidua eventbrite website You can also register by sending “[Barcamp Koforidua] [Your Name] [Your Email Address] to 1945 on all mobile networks (example - Barcamp Koforidua Esi Eshun Contact us via barcamp at for sponsorship or partnership opportunities.

BarCamp Koforidua 2015 is supported by Tigo Ghana, Making All Voices Count, Novan Education, etc.

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