Rewarding Vodafone subscribers as #YeeTwiKor

The announcement to reward 180000 Vodafone customers through the Yɛɛ Twi Kɔ was bold. The odds are high given that Vodafone has over 7 million subscribers. But I could surely get lucky if 180000 people are being rewarded right? My friends have been awarded already.
I have so many friends who swore by Vodafone X that I also started using it eventually. It’s awesome that the #VodafoneX family and the #VodafoneRed family are eligible for this promo. I’ve been enjoying using wi-fi with the Samsung Note Pro tablet which has my Vodafone chip and using expressPay to recharge. This promo has already convinced me to recharge credit the popular way by scratching and topping up.
The Vodafone recharge cards have a new format with features including two scratchable panels - the concealed recharge pin and the hidden prize. Scratch the panel and reveal the identity of the prizes won. I just spoke this into your life, go and recharge now! Amen!

On November 16, 2015, some Kumasi based subscribers were rewarded. William Okoh Sarkodie, (no relation to the popular musician of the same name) a businessman, won the monthly grand prize of GHȼ30,000 while Mustapha Ahmed Toufiq and Eric Lumor took home GHȼ10,000 and GHȼ5,000 respectively. William said he’d use the money to expand his business. There are so many Oseikrom based entrepreneurs and businessmen who could make great use of 30K. Go to Adum and see. This is a good amount to get ahead of the unforgiving Kumasi business climate competition. I like that William said, “The promo is real so take advantage of it to enrich your life.” The promo is real, a few friends already told me they won.
Yee Twi K) winners Kumasi.jpg
The world’s most popular mobile money service has finally arrived in Ghana courtesy Vodafone Cash. One Prisca already won GHC200 via Vodafone Cash. Like her, winners can withdraw the cash at any Vodafone Cash agent or Vodafone Retail Shop nationwide, after successfully registering for the mobile money service.

Even if you scratch and don’t win, and see the ‘Try Again’, you will still be accumulating points which will come in handy later. That’s as you are using the credit to talk, browse, text, etc. My friend Naa Oyoo Quartey has been scratching, topping up and building her points, she details that in a blog post. The more you use, you increase your chances of winning the ultimate GHȼ100,000 prize as well as the many other prizes as part of the 180000 people. This just made me think of all those Oprah Audience Giveaways. Many people are winning big cash in the midst of the try again. Abeg, stay positive, concentrate and learn the rules of the Yɛɛ Twi Kɔ promo. The Grand Draw date is 26th December, 2015 - Boxing Day - at the West Hills Mall. What are you waiting for?


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