Vodafone’s #YeeTwiKor promo is on point

It’s a great time to be a Vodafone customer as Vodafone Ghana is on a mission to reward 180,000 customers via the Yɛɛ Twi Kɔ promo. I should be one of them, and you too. When Vodafone decides to be loyal, good things happen. Ask Doctor Kay K, he won GHȼ100. Evidence here. I asked my fellow GhanaThink members on whatsapp and one person has won GHȼ5.00. Small small. I asked on Facebook and a friend had gotten 100 points. That's great to see but I also especially love the way this promo has been ran.

I started using Vodafone late last year. At #startcon14, I received a Samsung Note Pro tablet with a Vodafone chip. I continued to hear so much about Vodafone X and promptly signed onto it. It’s been great, though I haven’t used it as much as I enjoy Vodafone broadband (wi-fi). During the height of the #dumsor problems, Vodafone started giving out mobile data to its broadband users as part of appeasing us for the internet challenges. I got my second Vodafone chip. Smart customer move on its part. Another thing to love.

One of the first times I heard about Vodafone’s Yɛɛ Twi Kɔ promo was on TV via the ad with Gasmilla. Gasmilla’s Telemo has been such a huge hit in Ghana that people have started social media campaigns to ensure that it wins the song of the year at all relevant Ghanaian music award shows. Using a hit song that’s in the Ga language for a promo with a Twi language headline is not only innovative and bold, in this particular case it works. The theme song has been my girlfriend’s ringtone for a while and recently, I had to point out to her how much I enjoyed the ringtone. Is it because the song sounds like Telemo? Maybe. But that’s the other brilliant part of this campaign. Side note might be that Gasmilla goes by GasmillaWins on Twitter? :-)

It didn’t surprise me one bit to see Vodafone’s Mass Market manager, at the heart of rewarding promo winners. Gasmilla’s Telemo song also screams mass market. It is as populist as they come with a very catchy chorus. Yɛɛ Twi Kɔ is catchy as well and that dance Gasmilla and co break out at the end of the ad is priceless.

Social media has been part and parcel of many Vodafone promos over the past couple of years. As a heavy Twitter user, I’ve admired the social media engagement. #YeeTwiKor has been trending on Twitter. The best part involves the various winners you’ve taken to social media to showcase winning. @PopsicleV posted a short video with his win, and though he didn’t do a very nice dance like we expected, he let out a shout of joy. The best part was when he sang ‘Telemo’.

So though you might have tried a million times to win and failed, ‘try again’. because as you use data and make calls you are accumulate points which can make you win in the weekly and the monthly cash. Check your point now *5000#..... then the rest can follow. After alll, Gasmilla’s Telemo song talks about ‘“carrying on, in spite of all that happens to you”. Twi kɔ o, twi kɔ! You stand to win a bigger amount that will summon an even better dance.


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