Strengthening networks for an internet of things economy

Thanks to technology services, there is a lot of data about users and uses cases, which allow organizations to be smarter and technology to work even better. In addition to this value in data explosion, there is enormous growth in intelligent use of the data. Platforms must orchestrate the data in hand to deliver value. They have to help users shift out the requisite information out of the chaff they see. The attention span of users and subscribers for that matter is very minimal, and so they
need to be served with relevant information and data they need quickly and conveniently.

We celebrate our mobile phone penetration in Ghana (35 million subscriptions for a nation of 25 million people), We have multiple devices connecting us for communication, but there is a wide range of other connected devices. By 2025, there would be 9 billion connected devices. Ghanaians must be part and parcel of those numbers with a lot of IOT use.  There has been very small uptake with mobile application use in Ghana, due to lack of trust in technology, failed use cases and stories and access and affordability of internet data. IOT services need a smarter and tech loving population to thrive.

Vodafone's bespoke, innovative SIM and SIM chip solutions are designed to address IOT business models and service requirements. At the recent Vodafone Ghana IoT workshop, a representatative spoke about this. Vodafone already enables connections for millions of users and devices today in Ghana, its business solutions would add the ability to manage these connections as added value.
This single SIM can be used worldwide, amongst the countries that Vodafone operates in. Vodafone owns and operates networks in 26 countries and has partner networks in over 50 additional countries. It has more than 500 million connections (second globally behind China Mobile). For companies doing business in the West Africa sub-region, it's critical to be able to move data and communicate effectively across. This is also true for connecting devices and being able to seamlessly move information briskly and efficiently. 

— Vodafone Ghana (@VodafoneGhana) June 27, 2016
And a pretty bold statement at the end too right? As SIM cards become cheaper in many markets, they also need to be pre-provisioned and ready to use. Vodafone Ghana has addressed that. With their Machine to Machine solutions, business assets are connected to the internet. There are a whole wide range of uses cases for the Ghanaian market and beyond on the Vodafone website - aptly named Machine to Machine :-) Below is an intro video about Vodafone M2M.


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