Vodafone Ghana champions Internet of Things with expert workshop

Many telecommunication companies around the world have been at the forefront of scaling innovation. Thanks to their huge subscription bases and financial muscle, they are also some of the best organizations to drive this. Due of user churn amongst other reasons, these telcos spend a lot of money on marketing as well. As companies that adopt technology and in many ways stay on top of trends, they also promote a lot of innovation in their marketplace. Vodafone Ghana is priming to continue this in Ghana and be a market leader.  It is in this light, that they are promoting the internet of things (IoT).

Vodafone Ghana organized a workshop recently at the Labadi Beach Hotel on June 27, 2016 to educate Ghanaians more on IoT. In attendance were many Ghanaian content and web developers.
What is IoT? It is seen as an amalgation of IT & OT. IT is about people talking to people, while OT is about machines talking to machines.  IoT is about machines and objects talking to machines and objects talking to people.

IOT is transforming the way organizations work. Matt Hatton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Machina Research spoke about opportunities coming into the Ghanaian market for organizations here. He also shared some success stories.
With better use of technology and instituting more IoT into business, organizations can save millions of dollars. Don't take it from me, take it from the expert himself, Matt Hatton.

According to data from a Vodafone M2M Barometer survey in 2015, 64% of respondents (organizations) said they expect to have an IOT solution in place within 2 years. 59% of the respondents (organizations) using IOT said they are seeing significant return on investments (ROI). Many times, organizations are concerned with finding more money to invest in what they are doing for greater returns.

There are various Ghanaian companies starting to use IoT, including some startups. A group of them are working under the WAZI-UP IoT project. This workshop is the surest sign that Vodafone Ghana is willing to champion IoT in Ghana. When Vodafone Ghana supported our Tech Camp West Africa in 2015, Angela Mensah Bonsu, Head of Vodafone Business Solutions, gave a great presentation showcasing Vodafone Ghana's drive to showcase and implement innovation in our business ecosystem. At this IoT workshop, she said, "IoT is cementing Vodafone’s offering in Ghana exceeding its deliverables across varied and multiple sectors in Ghana". We need technology everywhere, indeed. Let's all deliver technology and trends for development in Ghana together. 


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