Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Donate to Paa Kwesi Nduom's campaign

It's no secret that I support Paa Kwesi Nduom (PKN) in the upcoming Ghanaian election. I've heard this man speak a couple of times, met him in person, and we have more of the same ideologies for Ghana. His track record is magnificent; he has succeeded in his various ventures and has paid his dues to Ghana. In the aftermath of Ghana's golden jubilee and the relative goodwill we enjoy in the global arena, we need to enlist and rally ourselves in a vision that would bring us national prosperity now and a mission that would get us there. We need to act now while we are enjoying this goodwill and time of patriotism, these times may not be with us for a long time. PKN is the leader we need at this time.

Apparently, someone who didn't know about my support for Paa Kwesi Nduom gave my email addresses to Akufo Addo's campaign and they have been bombarding me with campaign emails. Does that amount to spamming? Maybe, maybe not. I can't fault them for trying but not everyone appreciates that. I was hoping they would send Akufo Addo's manifesto or plan for Ghana while they were at it. If you got that email and I didn't, notify me.

Back to the subject at hand, I donated to Nduom's campaign because I believe in his message. "We are causing change, yEresesam". Nduom wants to put the business of running Ghana back into Ghanaian hands. We hardly run things in our own country. The CPP's dream is to invest in Ghanaian ingenuity and expertise, they pretty much drum home all the points I have been discussing all these years. Finally, there is a group of people willing to take on the challenge and they are led by a person who has a proven track record of being entrepreneurial. A visionary, a business man, a manager, a public servant and a Ghanaian.

I hear people talking about how the CPP is a small party, they have no chance to win the upcoming election, Nduom is being used by the NPP, he has SFO reports hanging on his head, etc, etc. Well folks, is that all we are concerned about? Is the better man for the job than Paa Kwesi Nduom? Are we going mortgaging speeding up our country's progress because the man we need is in the 'wrong' party? Many people like you are thinking they will waste their vote on the CPP. Well, get these many people to vote for Nduom and we will actually be making a statement. Nduom served his country, he didn't serve the NPP. We don't pledge allegiance to a political party, we pledge allegiance to Mother Ghana. SFO reports? Why is he still walking a free man if he is a fraud?

We have no time to wait, we have to get moving. We don't have time for standing still, we must move forward. We, Ghanaians/Ghana, are ready for take-off.

Let us invest in change.
Let us invest in leadership.
Let us invest in performance.
Let us invest in ideology.
Let us invest in ourselves.
Let us invest in the change making process.
Let us invest in the decision making process.
Let us invest in getting the message out there.
Let us invest in getting the message out there to those who need to hear it.

Visit today and donate.

For those of you in Ghana, you can also donate 1 Ghana Cedi to the CPP campaign using your cell phone! Simply text "CPP" to 2771 (OneTouch, Kasapa) or 1962 (Tigo, MTN) - it's that simple!


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