Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Champion Chaas for Charity

I came up with this title in 2000 when I was submitting a bunch of 'chaas' for the Odadee Magazine. For those not familar with the word, chaa, 'to chaa' means to use puns in a sentence or use a bunch of words that rhyme together but don't make much sense. I remember how we used to belittle chaas in Presec. People who 'chaaed' were seen as unserious, jokers, etc. The funny thing was most of the people who 'chaaed' ended up becoming some of the most respected people in Presec, as prefects, SRC council members, club executives, editorial board members, etc. Of course, you had to control the amount of 'chaaing' you did.

After I arrived in the US after Presec and spent some time here, I quickly realised how much 'chaaing' was going on in America. It was viewed in a good light too, it was heavily used in marketing campaigns. I felt good about all the 'chaarister' nicknames I got when I was in Presec. Before I realised, I was converting my 'chaas' into lyrics, my lyrics had become vibes, and aggregated together were becoming stanzas or poems. Some of us Presecans have not lost our ability to chaa, and believe you me, we should not, because they do come in handy.

Anyway, since 2001, I've happened to chaa here and there and seen some of my friends 'retaliate' with their own. I want to share a few of them. You can judge how good the 'chaas' are.

Kwadade E, we should march forth for this March 4th and gather da OdadeE kwa in Cornell, ithaca like Gadamosi gathering Mossi possies to a gathering eating corn and koose, u say?

"We go rock mexico like rockstone rocking some Maths mock and mocking Mike and Maa's rock buns"

"Ei, I forgot that before I got the fort to be a chaa charmant, then charles dey man the mantle till I eyed the title."

I got inspired during the run up to Ghana's showing at the World Cup just before we played mexico in a friendly and had these to say.
"March 1, we will have won another one in da march to germany and achieve a chief win over mexico."

"We will outclass mexico in da bout on the dallas grass without a doubt.

Stephen, Mexico would be stiff and yield to da black stars on the dallas grassfield. Word! next day on wednesday.

Michael, mark ill will for mexico dis march 1 cuz da march's won.

Gogo, we go go defeat mexico for da bout on da dallas grass without a doubt and the feat would be the word the next day the wednesday o!

Shakespeare, we will use mexico for shakes cuz they are not our peer.

Eyered, make u no shiver like jared borgetti go deliver, make u bog to Las Vegas plus bike.

We go take Mexico make burritto then bury and nyam them in some yam eto.

I even felt like chaaing in Twi.
Yaw mante, mante sE moreyaw sE wOn goro wO bEgoro no ama Ama rehwehwE AhwehwE wOn.

obubah, ObubE a, Ghana bEgoro Mexico wO Dallas agoro n'ase.

I see u cher like some chairman edey man the mantle till charity charms charles.

Knoweth you not that no nino knows what I know?

Some of y'all have been getting in the act
Hoxlay - "ah ba! Aba is aba to buy eba from Oba(femi's)one!!!
Hoxlay also said - mama tess went to texas to test the new gaso for goase consumption

Osekre showed his Twi prowess - waka ama meeya ata, santana beka ama atta ate. wote asante enso wantena auntie taataa nky3i.
Waka ama makai apenkwa. 3nye ns3em a wukaa y3 anka. m3kai wu s33 y3kaay3a kaay3a wentie ... efri akcnc bcne anaas3 efri fie!!!

He can still hold it down in English as well - Chaa hene ... please let me ask you, can champion charister Atta willingly chill with cheese in China?

Odonkor - yeah men, twas when together with the geeks i turned my cheek and took a peek at the golden creek so i could seek in a week the wisdom of the greeks

I know y'all can do better than this. Reminisce the good old days and let out your 'chaas'! :-)
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