Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dilemma (poem)

In the summer of 2004, I found myself in Ghana. I was participating in an MIT student initiative called MIT-Africa Internet Technology Initiative (MIT-AITI). During my time in Ghana, the GhanaConscious me was disappointed with the attitude of Ghanaians to their own country and the general lack of patriotism. As you can imagine, that quickly changed when Ghana went to the World Cup in 2006. 'It' is in us, just in case you were wondering. Well, like I said, this was 2004. I was in a dilemma so I wrote a poem called Dilemma.

They bother to watch but do not see
They bother to listen but do not hear
They bother to think but do not act
I am encouraged and frustrated
I am hopeful and doubtful
They do not win today
If the better pays more than the good
I will turn right to the right

Comfort is not a secure fort
I have driven this route before
But I just saw this junction
I am enthused and confused
I am curious but furious
They will not sway me today
If my mind agrees with my hand and heart
I will keep my eyes on the road

There is love for the outsider
There is hate for the insider
There is no push up the ladder
I am eager but faith is meager
I am ready to P O P but I see an S T O P
They cannot send me from my family
If home is where the heart is
I will have it as the palace in my thoughts

Everyone has opinions and noses
But they all smell differently from roses
A single tree shades in a whole forest
I am willing but there’s no feeling
I am promising but there’s no compromising
They will not bring down my banner
If I still get my manna as a bafana
I will untie my bandana

I will not have a fling with bling
Cleaning the environs cleans the cleaner
I will unload the crat and create
I cannot but I should and I will
I see a river and I have a canoe
They cannot destroy every paddle
If someone would please go tell mama
I have solved my dilemma

The dilemma was 'solved' a long time ago, but right now, motivation and enthusiasm has me at another crossroads. I am firing myself UP to go.
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