Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eye candy, free candy, and candy I don't have

So for the last 10 minutes, I've been debating about whether I really want to write this particular blog. I even had a juicy title but for some reason, I am wondering if I should really put out this information. Well, you know what they say. Someone may use this information against you. Admissions committees and company recruiters are looking at our Facebook profiles, you have to be extra careful. But as a friend said the other day about me, "(Me) has no shame". Do whatever you like, live your life. So I am going to post this blog, I can do it. It is inspired by a real-life experience from yesterday concerning 'candy'.

I left the library for my entrepreneurship seminar, just in time to catch the speaker's closing moments, mark my attendance and grab some of the free food. This class is supposed to serve free food for a class mixer at the end every time. For whatever reason, they didn't do it this time. I was really disappointed. I was going to help cook for some friends later, but I still couldn't resist free food. In fact, just an hour before I was supposed to start cooking, I 'bocked' (a.k.a went to) the dining hall to get some 'chow'. After satisfying my hunger and becoming as satisfied as a satirical Santa Claus on Satiday (Yeah Chief), I packed the extra food for the journey home so I could live to save another bunch of cash for another day. I was biking, so I was riding it with one hand and holding a covered plate with the other. I have done it a number of times, my people, no shaking.

And then suddenly (just like D'Banj sings it), I found myself almost home. I saw this blonde shordy (she's not dumb, she goes to Stanford) and stole a glance. Nyame abɔdeɛ yɛ fɛ deɛ. God is such a wonderful architect. Right after I had popped this shordy and focused both eyes on my journey, I decided to 'brake'. I still don't remember why I decided to do that. Anyway, it was not a good brake. The bike stopped, I stopped, but the food didn't stop. It flew away and kai, it was so fast, I could not catch it. I couldn't believe my eyes. It's funny now but it wasn't funny at all then. My dinner for tomorrow was gone and there was no 5-second rule here as I stared at the burger and other 'accoutrements' on the floor in disbelief. I haven't failed to take this food home before, my people, never in this undertaking.

So I started to debate what may have accounted for this. Of course, if I hadn't looked at this fine shordy/kele/chic/girlie, I would probably have the 'grub' in the fridge now. I picked up the 'food that could be eaten no more' and headed to the trash bin/recycle bin/dumpster. I had wished the lady was still there. When the accident happened, I looked around to see if she had witnessed it. As I went to the dumpster, I was planning to tell the lady that because of her, I had spilled/lost/spoiled the food. Conversation starter, hehehe. She wasn't there; I had really wanted to tell her that.

Because of eye candy, I missed out on free candy. I felt guilty. I was wondering if this happened because I had looked at the lady or because I had been greedy enough to take food out of the dining hall. Presec people know it is an offence. I wasn't having any 'Adwen B' or sinister thoughts about the shordy, she just happened to be there. LOL. Can you blame me? It's eye candy. You know, you want to notice things around you even if you can't have them or approach them or communicate with them.

Like I said, I didn't have any scandylous thoughts, so it must be the free candy? I don't think I had been greedy to take the food home. Man must survive. Unlike Presec, it is not a punishable offence in this land of milk and honey. It is the land of the free, remember? I am on such a free food spree that one would believe the 'free food' gods are on my side. We are all in an economic crisis. I have done this stunt a number of times, but why should karma fault me for doing it? Kamikaze on a kentro level. It was on a Wednesday and boy was hustling. It's not greed, it's called hustle.

You see, this food was candy that I could have. I had it, but because of some eye candy I probably couldn't have, I don't have it (the food) anymore. I wasn't interested in it (I mean, the eye candy) anyway. Earlier, I made reference to the 'I have no shame' comment. 'I no dey shame' for trying to get some eye candy that I probably wouldn't get, but some times, I am not interested. It's great to love taking risks, many great men have become great because they did it. So this (maybe) embarrassing story is a risk I could be taking, but here's the point - take risks anyway. Make yourself heard. We are mere mortals. If you want to be in the public limelight, put yourself in the public spotlight. If you will be in the public spotlight anyway, bring yourself to light for the public. Be true. Not all eye candy is free and not all candy can be had. If you seek and it is meant to be yours, you shall find. If you don't, you can just fall back on the fact that maybe sometimes 'you can have whatever you like' doesn't hold true. Still, live your life to the fullest.

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