Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A poem called One

I've been wanting to write a poem recently. I have a lot to say but I can't seem to bring myself to write it and write it well. After my 'A call to make a difference' poem, I have written about 3 poems, 1 of which I can't even find. 'A call to make a difference' was so good that every time I write a new poem, if I can't outdo it, I give it up and stop writing. This thanksgiving trip I took was my make or break time for writing a new poem so I tried. I tried so hard. I came up with something.

While on the train to Rhode Island from Massachusetts, I was thinking. I was thinking about how I am just one person. You know how we sometimes wish we have more hours in a day? Imagine if we were 'two or three' people. 'We' could do more in a day for 'ourselves' and have a few more hands to do plenty things. I was thinking about how I was just one person, with just one vote, one voice, and one vociferous message. Because you are not me, you don't even have to listen to me. So I wrote a poem called 'One', freestyling and this is what I came up with.

I am just one person
I understand that I am just one
I have one vote, one voice, one vociferous message
But Barack Obama is also one person
With him, we are we
Without him, I am just one
I see the future
I see the symptoms, the signals, the steps
But I am just one
I am one, you are one, but who is the one?
Who is the one who's won?
Who is the one we all rally around to be one?
I wonder if I am the one because I won there
Or are you the one because you are the one here?
Are you the one because you are wonderful
Or am I the one because
I am one, the fool
Who thinks he is wonderful
Do you have to be told you are the one
Or do you just have to know you are the one?
You are the one? Wonderful
You fool, full of yourself
You are still just one person
With one image, one message, one messenger
You thumb me up today
But will you thumb me in tomorrow?
You face me today
But will you deface me tomorrow?
You listen to me today
But what will you listen about me tomorrow?
I am just one
I can't be there also tomorrow
Because I can only be at one place at one time
That is what being one does for me
But something one can do for me
One can stand in my stead
But which one would understand being that one
Instead of being what that one is
And having to stand in for this one
Because one and two are interchangeable
Doesn't mean one and two are one
I am just one person
That one is just one person
But we are not the same one
And one doubts we can be one
Because persona is for one
And personality belongs to one
One who just happens to be one
Person who has one of everything
That makes that one different from this one
And warns that I am one
So I may not be the one
To have won another one over
In the quest to be one
I may not be the one to get all for one
Because above all
I am, just, one, person
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