Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Top 10 questions for the NPP - Election 2008

Do you really believe you couldn’t win the first round of the Ghanaian elections because some of your supporters stayed at home?

Is it true some people in the ruling government travel to funerals with 20 Pajeros? Who funds all that petrol? Why do we have to make way for NPP campaign vehicles to navigate through traffic?

Would any of the NPP gurus send their house boy to a syto school? These schools do have free compulsory universal basic education right? Do we want quality education or just an increase in scholl-going children?

When you champion the NHIS as an achievement, do you also tell Ghanaians many times costs over 6 GhC aka 60,000 cedis aka 6 dollars are not covered? What happened to Baah Wiredu and why couldn’t he get medical attention in a Ghanaian hospital?

Why are we talking about closing the Togo border? What about the Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire borders?

How much does one billboard cost? Humour us, how much did you spend on your campaign for the election?

In about how many years will we have an Ewe presidential candidate in your party?

Do you believe there is money in Ghana? How will you get some of that money for national development?

When you say ‘we are moving forward’, who does ‘we’ refer to?

List some of the failures of the NPP government
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