Top 10 questions for Ghanaians - Election 2008

Don’t you think we need to change ourselves for us to move forward or change, etc?

Why do you vote for who you vote for?

Are you happy with the disappearance of the Ghanaian flags on our streets?

When was the last time you consciously bought a made-in-Ghana product over a foreign one?

Which do you think will care more for you? NPP or NDC?

Which government do you think will empower you more? NPP or NDC?

Which government will control the constant migration into Accra which is choking our capital city?

Which government will raise more money in Ghana through taxes for national development?

Which leader is better equipped to get his opponents to listen to him and unite the nation?

Why NPP or NDC? What are they doing right that the other political parties are not doing?


Maxine said…
When you say change "ourselves", wat does it imply? I believe we need to first of all change our worldview! What is the average Ghanaian's worldview and what has shaped it? I am still exploring these questions. Your blog is a good read.
MIghTy African said…
Hey Maxine, thanks for the comment.

I guess I meant 'changing our worldview'. I am of the opinion that I wish most Ghanaians would get the chance to travel once or twice to see how the outside world is and how we could be better than what we are now. Our work ethic, discipline, attitude to state and community property must change. Change of government is nice but it's not the major change we should be clamoring for.

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