Do it -soundtrack video for African movie Paparazzi -Eye in the Dark (Museke)

Ghana's Koby Maxwell and Liberia's Chris Deshield have collaborated on the soundtrack song for the upcoming Nollywood movie, Paparazzi - Eye in the Dark. I first heard them perform "Do it" during the Memorial Day weekend when both musicians were in the Bay Area for the first African Spring Bling organized by Deejay Burt and co. The song is very catchy and is bound to be a popular one amongst African music fans everywhere.

Koby Maxwell told me about this Paparazzi - Eye in the Dark movie project when I met him during the Memorial Day weekend. He mentioned that he was acting in the movie, in addition to his burgeoning music career, amongst other things. At a BBQ party at Deejay Burt's house, he and Chris Deshield sang along to their 'Do it' duet. And now, with direction from editor and cinematographer Black Magic Tim, we have the music video.

See the music video

Lyrics for the song coming here. Asking around, many people seem to like the song and others can't stop playing it. It's a good party jam with some African grooves given Koby Maxwell's previous experience with making coupe decale songs like Abiba. Koby Maxwell is a versatile and gifted musician, who has performed all over America and the globe to diverse audiences. Chris Deshield is the 2009 Winner of the BET 106 and Park Allstar Competition & 2010 Liberian Entertainment Awards 'Best Artist' Winner.

The movie, Paparazzi - Eye in the Dark, is also intriguing. It casts Koby Maxwell as Max, an African musician who makes it big on the American scene. Van Vicker plays a photographer who chronicles his journey and his life. The plot is interesting and should offer a look into the lives and times of African musicians and celebrities who are based in the US. You can see the trailer here

Paparazzi Movie Concert
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