Freshlyground sings about Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe in 'Chicken to Change' music video (Museke)

Thought this was a nice way to get Mugabe's attention. C'mon, Uncle Bob.

Afro-pop sensation group FRESHLYGROUND have teamed up with the internet satirical show ZA NEWS to make their second music video for their new album ‘Radio Africa’. The decision to hook up with the puppets from ZA NEWS was taken after His Excellency Comrade RG Mugabe declined a cordial invitation to participate in the video. His doppelganger, however, leapt at the opportunity! And brought along a couple of friends...

Check out the Chicken to change song

Zolani sings about what a noble supernova Mugabe was, a shiny star, but that somewhere along the line he lost his way. However, he still holds the key to the country’s future. Is it still possible to impress following generations? Is there room for change in his heart? There is still time! “An iridescent example of honour for the coming generation... You promised always to open the doors for us... Indeed it is you and only you who sleeps with the key... You are chicken to change!”

ZA NEWS pushes the envelope further by introducing the latex puppet of Bob Mugabe (designed by award-winning cartoonist and show co-creator Zapiro) and by including some of their regular brilliant characters, who dance along with Freshlyground ... and some chickens (real and stuffed!). The band is dressed in superbly awful Zim-style 80’s fashion, and have choreographed a slick and sublime ‘chicken’ dance. Zolani sings in a shebeen with Thabo and JZ, rides in a limo with Bob, and shakes it with Tannie Helen!!

Cape Town based Freshlyground have already achieved GOLD sales status with their latest album ‘Radio Africa’, which has spawned a Top10 radio hit in ‘Fire Is Low’. It’s been a phenomenal year for the band, with back-to-back international tours and sharing the stage with Shakira at the FIFA 2010 World Cup closing ceremony, among other World Cup events. Their single with Shakira “Waka Waka - This Time for Africa” continues to hold the number one spot in many charts across Europe, with all proceeds form the sale of this single going to benefit football related charities.

The music video was directed by ZA NEWS co-creator and Executive Producer Thierry Cassuto, and was produced by Both Worlds Pictures. It was filmed and post-produced in state-of-the-art High-Definition in Cape Town, with the help of Media Film Services, Premiere Post Production, HD Hub, Waterfront Studios and Black Ginger.

Watch the music video


Info from ZANews on Vimeo and Youtube

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