Walking the walk (literally)

Completing this 10K run just made me realize how much I kind of like walking. I have walked long distances before though. Especially when I am in Ghana.

Back in the United States, I once participated in an AIDS walk in Boston while at MIT in 2005. The distance was 6 kilometres and we raised some money as well. It was also enjoyable because we were walking in a group and that collective energy drives you. 6 kilometres looked like a pretty long distance to me but it wasn't tiring upon completion.

In fact, recently, I ended up walking to a club because I didn't want to pay for a taxi fare and all my 'rides' were nowhere to be found. I remember praying for someone who knew me or a good samaritan to give me a lift to my destination. It was only a 2 mile walk though. And then the other day, when I was prepared to walk to yet another party, two dudes stopped and offered to give me a ride. I kid you not, I was actually scared that these people might go use me for 'sikaduro' or some sacrifice. Yes, it happened around Stanford and these dudes were white, one was from Kansas and another from Australia. I appreciated the ride though, I hope more of these will happen lol. You can't imagine the number of times I've been at the airport and other places and entertained of asking some random stranger if they could give me a ride to my next destination. You got to have fun like that now :-)

I once walked from Adum in Kumasi all the way to Tech (KNUST) campus. I loved it. I just loved being amongst people and observe things that were going on. I did have my iPod though which made it the walk pleasant. The distance was 8.1 kilometres. Thanks to the good old Google, you can see my route. Don't you just love Google?

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I also once walked from Osu Oxford Street all the way to the 37 Military hospital in Accra. I had my iPod with me but I wasn't listening to it. The walk was the best I ever had though. The reason? I was walking with a friend (who's a girl) whose presence I thoroughly enjoy. I don't think it ever crossed my mind to stop and take a taxi though it was night time and we were aware that dangerous folks do exist in the nation's capital. We were walking in relatively nice parts of town though.

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Yes, so you can go google directions in Accra and Kumasi now. Try it today!

Do you enjoy walking long distances too? Or are you just a romantic long walk on the beach walker? Do you walk to keep fit? Are you part of a keep-fit club? Do you walk because that's all you can afford to do - walking? Do you walk because you want to beat traffic? For whatever reason, walking is good for you. Try it some time.


Tetekai said…
I love walking. I tend to do that a lot.

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