Sunday, February 14, 2010

I would like (poem)

This is my second post this Valentine's National Chocolate Day. I was going to combine both posts but had too much to say in the first one. I have a poem to share with you all in the spirit of this weekend. It's a very special poem to me, because it is a love poem. Uuh. It's titled 'I would like'.

I have debated well over a year whether to make it public and finally I have decided to let you all enjoy it. Well, I've performed it a couple times (spoken word) so it's not a huge secret and I've shared it with some friends as well. I wanted to keep the poem safe till I released it in my anthology or maybe, used it at a very very very special time. But hey, since I am unable to write poems these days for stupid reasons like "this poem better be better than the last poem", I figure I'll share the poem with y'all so I could be forced to write some new ones. It's easy to see why I chose this day, it's Valentine's Day, love is in the ayer. Also, it's a special day for a very special friend. So, here goes. Hope you enjoy it. "I would like"

I would like to love you
Because you sing my feelings
Because you house my affections
Because you play out my scripts
Because you solder my connections
Because you understand my passions
Because you educate my emotions
Because you love my love

I would like to need you
You find my searches
You see my dreams
You cook my fantasies
You tidy my ecstasies
You wash my bleeds
You befriend my deeds
You fulfill my needs

I would like to want you
To expand my reach
To contract my speech
To fulfill my desires
To predict my destiny
To discipline my inputs
To encourage my outputs
To have the next generation of me

I would like to have you
Beside me, because the trust warms me
Behind me, because the faith calms me
Before me, because the hope drives me
Beyond me, because the space focuses me
Above and beneath me, because the beauty floors me
Within me, because the emotion makes me
Make me want to be me

I would like to be with you
You take onlookers' breaths away
You must be a flawless capture
You take onlookers' breaths away
I must be lucky to be in the picture
You take onlookers' breaths away
As they look, see and experience
I cherish being in the experience

I would like to complete you
Because this joint will make and break
And make again
Because this road allows for going back and moving forward
And standing still
Because this building experiences tear and repair
And needs utmost care
The bridge that attaches you to your destiny is me

I would like to be intimate with you
Intimacy that unites
Unity that ignites
Ignitions that spark
Sparks that result
Results that birth
Births that provide
Provisions that love

I would like to
Show that I would like to
Because I am on a cause
I would like to
Have you like to, too
Because I keep on saying because
I would like to love, need, want, have, be with, complete, be intimate with you
Because you be the cause
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