A look into my zouk hook (poem)

I used to live life from the hip
And then something came and really zouked me
The familiar got different
The life on a change
The peculiar got consistent
The thing don't change
So I got into a relationship
By then, the something had already hooked me

Elles demandent attention to give, we know
L's provident affection to give, follow
Ma cherie as we demonstrate one love, that
Is telepathy of doves above, phat
Together, we are melodies that make music
With another, we’re diversities tryna sync
Danced to every cranny and nook
Still got the naivety of a rook
Lifes still contained in book after book
Versus high-fives as open as zouk

I stayed true to the homegrown beat
I swayed anew to the exotic rhythm
True, the outer enjoyment got hipper and livelier
But the inner excitement got deeper and deeper
The high life was all over amiss, true
The zouk made me say I miss you
I yearned for more
Amor amor amor

What I knew intoto was hip
What was new was at my hip
Something going on set them apart
Make love on tempo touched my heart
So I share my story cette nuit
Because the thoughts est sweet
Shouldn’t be a case of someone else took
For them to bring demaselves to book
The lifes shouldn't siddon and look
Or I might just get hooked on zouk


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