GhanaThink & Ahaspora combine to mentor SHS students in Ghana

It's been really great see the +Junior Camp Ghana program take off this year almost from nowhere. +Nathaniel Alpha +nathaniel ALPHA & +Nutakor Eldad came to +Barcamp Ho 2012 with another Ketasco student. They loved the event so much that they came to +Barcamp Tema 2012 with 31 students. After that, they just asked that we come to their school. So on January 30, this year, Junior Camp was born with Junior Camp Ketasco. Since then, we've had Junior Camp Kalpohin and Junior Camp Augusco. So when +Lolan Sagoe-Moses told me about the +Ahaspora Ghana mentoring event for senior high school students, I knew what to do with the +GhanaThink Foundation collaboration.

So Nathaniel and +Pedel Oppong joined me for a meeting with +Christabel Dadzie and +Freda Obeng-Ampofo to discuss the collaboration. And now the organizing for the mentoring event is happening in earnest.  +francis kumadoh has gone to speak to St. Augustine's College students, and +Kofi Kafui Kornu is contacting various teachers. There is also support from Ahasporans +Amma Aboagye & +Emmanuel A. Gamor from the +Mpwr show. And +Rancard is involved as well, providing goodies, just like when they sponsored the Ghana Robotics Inspired Science Education competition this year. +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor is driving that as usual. I'm looking forward to an impactful event especially with the awesome Ahasaporans. There's an Ahaspora event tonight as well - happy hour and mixer. Below is the info you need for the upcoming event.

Our Junior Camp Ghana program and Ahaspora Young Professionals, Ghana is closing 2013 with a career mentoring and life coaching event dubbed "Changing Mindset, Channeling our future!" About 40 mentors will give career advice and tips to about 100 senior high school students.
Date:  30 December 2013
Time: 10am to 3pm
Venue: World Bank Office, Accra
Rate: Free
  • You can be a mentor for the event. Go to this link to sign up. Do so soon.
  • We would love for you to get your nephew, niece or friend who is in SHS to register and attend. You can point this SHS student to register here or you can do so for them with their consent.
Find attached a Flyer of the event.

More vim!

Please consider being a mentor at this event - look at the form and see if you qualify :-) More importantly, if you know an SHS student in your family or neighbourhood in Accra, encourage them to register for this event. Let them spend one day in the Christmas vacation period in a very useful way. See the event flyer.


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