Sunday, February 28, 2010

Top websites in Ghana and top Ghanaian websites (according to Alexa)

Got an email from a friend recently which prompted me to look at the top rated sites on for Ghana. There were a few interesting discoveries so wanted to share.

Top sites 1-10

1. Pretty easy to decipher. Facebook has seen phenomenal growth over the last few years, making hi5 extinct and leaving myspace in its wake. Hey, they have Facebook parites in Ghana now. Facebook was probably the number one for advertising and marketing BarCamp Ghana last year.

2. People still use Yahoo regularly? For what? Email? I stopped using yahoo in 2006. I check my yahoo address once every 3 weeks. I probably use the Flickr service more than Yahoo Mail. Did I hear YahooMail has unlimited storage?

3. Maybe the only reason isn't top in Ghana is the fact that it shares 'time' with The Ghana google site has only been around maybe 4 years but it's sweet to have a country-specific google site for GH. Does Yahoo or MSN have one? In fact, you can use Ghana's Google in Hausa or Akan. Try it today :-)

4. See number 4. Yes, Ghanaians are beginning to replace the word search with Google too. And now with the Google Ghana office starting up, watch out.

5. Yahoo doesn't get much love from me and MSN never really has. Live? Isn't that a relatively new thing? Do some of you even know about this website? It's

6. The joke in Ghana is, you open a Youtube video page, pause the video, leave the page and go do something else for 30 minutes, come back and watch the video. Can't wait for the day those fibre optic cables will be laid so we can have decent internet connections. Apparently, slow internet hasn't stopped Ghanaians from joining the Youtube revolution.

7. My hotmail address has traditionally been used for MSN messenger only. Those good old days! I don't use it anymore but hey, GH folks seem to be using their hotmail addresses like crazy. I suppose they have 'conversation threads' too.

8. Ha! First Ghanaian site in the Top 10. No surprise here. People still criticize them for their 'terrible' website but Ghanaweb is a name edged into the psyche of Ghanaians. It would only take a huge effort to knock them off their perch.

9. Kinda nice Wikipedia is in here. Ghanaians use it a whole lot but we don't create a lot of pages. Let's get on that. Check out Akan Wikipedia

10. Ghana is a former British colony. Komla Dumor works there. They have "Africa Have Your Say". Enuff said.

Let's dig into the top "Ghanaian sites".

1. Ghanaweb: See above.

2. JOY FM has really done well with their website. They seem to do much less than Ghanaweb, but have almost the same internet pull.

3. Kind of interesting how a Ghanaian-language radio station can have a super and popular website that is in English. I am looking forward to the day we have a site with major Ghanaian language content ranked this high.

4. I had never heard of this website until they decided to sponsor BarCamp Ghana last December. I was quite surprised to see them up here. They register domains and design websites. Good stuff.

5. Yes, I am also like WednesdayThursdayFriday? I just want to ask the guys behind this website how they do it.

6. Did these guys go on some marketing or advertising blitz in Ghana? Strange.

7. I remember when this website came out. It looked a complete copycat of Ghanaweb. Either Ghanaweb was running that site or Ghanaweb had to seriously sue them, because they had the 'same' content. ModernGhana has continued to grow and I rate it more highly now. Should be higher up this list.

8. Legon's site is in here? :-D I like to make fun of Legon, TECH aka KNUST is so much better. I have first-hand experience. Can't the hackers coming out of TECH make KNUST enter the top 10 and relegate Legon's site to anonymity? MUAHAHA. *Evil smile*

9. No, it's not Wa trade hub, it's West Africa Trade Hub. All I wanna is, "How much did they pay?"

10. Now, this placement corrects all the wrongs about the lists. Fienipa is a top 1o site in Ghana. Visit it today! You'll see that you are missing out! It has a lyrics.fienipa section (a mirror site for - home of the African music fan), words.fienipa (African language dictionaries), food.fienipa (a mirror site of - African food recipes), greetings.fienipa (African language greeting cards), market.fienipa (an African marketplace), etc. Go on, click it

Any thoughts about the lists? These lists are subject to change, easily. See the top 100 sites in Ghana here.
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