Monday, February 22, 2010

The letters we write to impress girls

In fact, sometimes I can't believe how ridiculous I get. Some might say I have a way with words. Actually, I am considering doing stand-up comedy. I have always been writing poems, used to write a lot of short stories (maybe I'll get into those again soon) and most recently, I have been doing spoken word. But at the time I found my love of writing in Presec through short stories, funny articles and poems, I employed 'these styles' in 'letters'. These styles included various figures of speech and what is known to Presec enthusiasts as "Chaa". In my youthful exuberance, I'd write letters to various girls and I don't know why we 'did' this, but we felt our letters had to be special, funny, witty, and 'chaaristic'.

I don't have the letters I wrote in Presec with me but I was browsing through my Facebook messages and realised I never 'lost' my touch. I found a long-lost friend from those jolly old Presec times and felt I start my 'communication' with her the same way I'd do so while in high school.
I have taken out some parts to protect the identity of the lady. The message is otherwise unedited. The lady, in fact, at this very moment, is 'taken', 'attached', 'wifed', you know. Kpayor. Bummer.

Ah well, here goes the message :-)

*************, so this is u?

I have searched for you far and wide, from sea to shining sea, from Paga to Cape Three Points, from Ghanaian party to Boomerang, from churches to major state funerals, from Timeout in Legon to Queens hall in Tech back to Legon On da run, from photo album to friend lists, in fact this day is a great day.

Love of my days, I miss you intoto.

Out of touch, out of sight, still in mind.

How I used to feel you paa? I couldn't stop talking about u. When I came to Ghana, I will look out for u, but for all I know, you may have grown different and I wouldn't be able to recognise u again.

Why did you disappear from my life and make my soul go heart searching and my heart go soul searching?

You have to let me know what you've done with your life since that 2001 day when I met you and through the countless letters you didn't reply.

Oh, sorry I was so excited, I didn't even introduce myself. I forgive you already if you don't remember me. I went to Presec and met you on a nice Ghanaian day *********. I was parading as a ********* and you were *********. See, I remember. :-)

We hooked up. Well, we did not, we just met and talked small. The rest they say is history.

So *************, grant me my heart's desire and come back into my life.

Your long lost number one fan.

What were some of the lines you guys used to use? or still use. or will use. cha, get creative ;-)
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