Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kasahorow says Try Firefox in Akan Twi today!

I have blogged about Kasahorow & Fienipa creating a home for African languages on the web and the former's project for translating between some African languages and English. Through a recent Gmail conversation that I was privy too, I discovered a few great things my friend at Kasahorow have been up to. A few apps here and there are in the works and I'll broadcast them once they're 'ready for primetime', in the words of Paa Kwesi Imbeah. One recent feature I found very exciting was the opportunity to use my favorite web browser, Mozilla Firefox, in Twi. Yes, the file menus, download windows, everything. In Akan Twi! Isn't that just awesome? I am using it right now and you can too, just read on.

* Download and install language pack for Firefox 3.5 or
* Navigate to about:config from your address bar and promise to be good. :-D Look for the variable called general.useragent.locale. Change the en-US value to ak-GH
* Restart Firefox and test away!
* Send them an email to let them know what you think.

So now I have the following menu - Fael, Sesa, Hwε, Abakɔsεm, Bookmarks, Mfidie, Mboa, etc. I have notified them about 'Bookmarks', hope that gets changed at some point. Any takers for the Twi word for Bookmarks?

Here's a screenshot.

In fact, even the error messages are in Twi. Are you not curious to try this out? Challenge yourself today!

You should also try the other Firefox "Nkaho" from the stable of Kasahorow.
Akan Nsɛmfuaasekyerɛ - Dictionary
Eʋegbe Spelling Dictionary 0.1
Kinyarwanda Spelling Dictionary 0.2

You can always check out Kasahorow's blog for updates. Follow them on Twitter @Kasahorow.

You can also add this gadget - fienipa - to your iGoogle. It will allow you to translate between languages on your iGoogle homepage.

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