Getting my @TerryPheto crush on again via @Joselyn_Dumas + videos

So via looking at one Naija music video on YouTube and checking out recommended videos, I got into a rendezvous of checking out many videos. I ended up viewing this video which features Joselyn Dumas (a Facebook friend), again.   Such a fine, fine, lady. From Ghana too. After watching the video, I thought of Terry Pheto (a Twitter follower), who is another fine, fine, lady, but she's from South Africa. And then a YouTube search for her made me discover a "digital love". Cos at the moment, that's really what I have with Terry Pheto. Something like that.

When I watched Lynxxx's Fine Lady video (which I originally found via Joselyn's Facebook profile), I watched it on mute, cos I didn't have head phones and didn't want to disturb the peace. How do you watch a video on mute? You don't exactly pay attention to the song (or sound) or even the video much, just some images. Yeap, this time, it was images of "what is Joselyn Dumas doing in a music video?" that was informing this situation. She was playing Lynxxx's love interest, getting married in a grand Ghana-Naija wedding and all. Like many top Nigerian music videos these days, there are some Azonto dances, except they are not by Joselyn. Madam Dumas, you need to show us your azonto moves o! Abeg. Because your friend Efya did it in a cameo in the video.

Watching the video caused me to tweet a bunch.

(This is one blog post). So enter Terry Pheto into my life again. Both Joselyn and Terry are 'boldly beautiful'. Maybe Joselyn would feature on the Bold & Beautiful one day like Terry. I searched for blog posts mentioning her that I had written and spent some time on this Hopeville one and this Tsotsi one. Just another reminder that I need to own that award-winning Hopeville DVD. So then I did a Youtube search for Terry to see what she had been up to in the world of video, and found this Robot video.

This is a good time to confirm that indeed Idris Elba is half-Ghanaian. And half Sierra-Leonian. Nigerians, especially should back off him. You can celebrate him like you celebrate Azonto, but it will never be owned by you. Okay? Okay. Lol, back to the blog post. Idris Elba is a smart dude for featuring Terry Pheto in a Youtube video. It has too many few views though so hopefully I can help a Ghanaian brother. Yup, as much bravado as he has. Lynxxx's video with Joselyn is past 1 million views but that is a heavily promoted music video. C'mon Idris, you can do this. Put some money behind this video and we'll do some viral marketing :-)

The video is creative and I (and many others) can stare at a Terry Pheto robot for daze (days). Did Terry really say "Where have you been? Someone was gonna fuck me in here/I had some crazy motherfucker in here, he was cute. Now, let's go?" Ayayai! Ayobaness! But seriously, it takes more than teddy bears, attention-grabbing dances, soccer, mad skills, nice dinners and digital things to grab the attention of an African woman like Terry Pheto. Yup, you need an African man like Idris Elba. Hehe.

I am one o! ;-) The day I meet Terry Pheto, I will be sure to blog about it. Let me start planning it :-) She follows me on Twitter already. :-d I've already met Joselyn Dumas a couple of times. If I am to narrate those stories, we will have another juicy blog post on our hands. So let's leave that for another day. Unless, y'all force me to do it soon lol. I was going to leave you all with a bonus Terry Pheto video but after watching it, it dawned on me that I am a hopeless romantic like Terry Pheto. OMG! Terry, marry me (thando lwam) :-) Or marry Siyabonga Mandela. Who? More on him later. The video has Lira's Phakade in the background. Okay, am done. This is just too much (lekker).

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