I am a Toofan fan too: Got to go to Togo!

This wasn't quite a Togolese weekend, but then again Togo's independence day was April 27. While browsing my Gabonese friend's Facebook page, I discovered that one of Africa's top music groups, Toofan, were going to be performing in Accra at a concert. Cool Catch eh? We were going to have a dose of Togolese music in Accra. Blog post material be that. But first, I said

After getting to the concert, it struck me. I was going to hear a lot of French (that I didn't understand). Was a good opportunity to learn a few more French phrases et al. There were so many Francophone Africans at Alliance Francaise, all assembled to see Toofan and other groups perform. Joining Toofan were Sir Okoss (Gabon), Abou Mala (Congo), S. K Blinkz of Aha ye de fame as well. I absolutely love Aha ye de and how S K Blinz has brought a serving of Coupe Decale to the Ghanaian music scene. My mate from Presec, EL, was probably the only Ghanaian to perform there. After his performance, I told him I liked how he was being smart and using this opportunity to expand his fanbase into Francophone Africa. Smart guy! Odadee for real :-)

After a night of various performances (some of which were not that great), there was a pretty fun dance-off. An endowed lady showed off some great Azonto moves on stage while another gentleman showcased what cool catché was about. Toofan finally appeared on stage and because I had renewed my fandom too and been fed other Toofan videos by my friends Francis, Sarah and Tatiana, I was prepared to sing and dance along to all their songs. 

Toofan started out miming a lot but quickly moved into "performance" mode. They danced. They performed. For more than an hour. I was having too much fun to realise midnight was approaching. That was appropriate because midnight signalled the arrival of April 27, which coincidentally was the day of Togo's independence. Toofan led the Togolese present to sing the Togolese national anthem. C'est bon!

I almost went to Togo last year for Barcamp Lome. Looking to attend a similar event there this year. I also need to get a Togolese name. Any suggestions? :-)
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