23 versions of Merry Christmas in African languages

Can't wait till Christmas. Can wait to see the year move a little slower so I achieve a lot more in 2013 though. But when the holiday season does come, here are a number of ways you can send and say holiday greetings :-)

So there you have it. Now you can say your holiday greetings in Akan (Twi, Akuapem and Fante), Dagbani, Ga (& Adangbe), Ewe and Dagaati which are all languages spoken in Ghana. You can also say it in Hausa which is spoken in multiple West African countries. You can also say it in Igbo or Yoruba and show your Naija dexterity like Ayooluwaato Eze does in Nigeria. You can also bring a smile out of a Burkinabe by saying a holiday greeting in Moore in Burkina Faso.

No, Africa is not a country that speaks Swahili and is ruled by Nelson Mandela. But you can still show off some small Swahili at Christmas time with a holiday greeting. That will make Kenya's David Ochieng Mwangi and Tanzania's Hamis Ambwene Massawe proud. Whether you are in Ethiopia during their 13th month or not, you could show off your Amharic with the greeting above. Tell them Girma Goitom Gemechu taught you. You can learn to say it in Luganda while in the Pearl of Africa, and best believe Uganda's Richard Nshuti Mayanja will be giving you moral support.

Nshuti will also shoot praises your way when you give a Kinyarwanda holiday greeting in Rwanda. Yeah, we know the Lingala holiday greeting now too for the times you are in the Congo. Many of you might not have heard of the Beti language in Cameroun, but when you are in Cameroon, you can find the Beti people and let them know you are ready to visit again during Xmas time.

When you're in Zambia, you can say it in Nyanja and Bemba too. If you are in South Africa, you can show the locals you are lekker by saying it in Xhosa, Pedi, or Zulu and even crossing the small border into Swaziland and stealing the hearts of one of Mswati's wives at Christmas by saying it in Siswati.

I miss those greeting cards by Kasahorow. Hope to see them come back soon :-)

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