Monday, April 15, 2013

Why defence (defenders) is more imporant than attack (attackers) in a game

After watching yet another fine game of football, my buddy Francis and I got into a conversation around what was more important - defenders or attackers? Since, this is sports-related, this debate is a little more relevant to guys. The debate topic (also asked on Twitter) was/is "What is more important to the success of a team in a sporting or physical activity? A good defence or a good attack?" Francis and I agreed that 'defence' is more important and critical. Here are some points that illustrate our point; series of tweets coming up :-)

Francis defended the point and pretty much won the debate with this statement and tweet.
Are you convinced? ;-)

PS: #discos is some hashtag supposed to be for a debate and discussion. Might choose another appropriate hash tag later.
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