Being on the #WEFAfrica Forward Leadership panel

It was extremely cool to be a panelist at the prestiguous World Economic Forum event on Africa this year. This was my first WEF as well and this event brings together many dignitaries and industry leaders from all the world. Below is some information about the Forward Leadership panel itself - synopsis, speakers and moderator.

Forward Leadership

How are the aspirations of Africa's future leaders being integrated into business, government and civil society?
Dimensions to be addressed:
  • Understanding shifting dynamics of peer groups and value trends influencing youth
  • Overcoming stereotypes about youth
  • Elevating young people into leadership roles
  • Sharing experiences across national, linguistic and generational boundaries


Moderated by:

Here are a few tweets around the panel. I didn't sleep much in South Africa so I posted a relevant #233moments tweet before the panel.

You can see a short summary of the conversations that transpired at this link -

From the synopsis, you could see I talked about failure. I mentioned the theme of Barcamp Accra 2012 - "Removing the fear of failure as a start of success" due to a question that arose. I spoke a lot about the work of the GhanaThink Foundation. I touched a lot of positive things happening in Ghana amongst the youth and how the GhanaThink Foundation is driving and promoting more of that via the Barcamps we've been organizing. Read about the #Morevim Movement here.

Here are some pictures as well.

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